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~ “Poetry is the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits” ~

— Carl Sandburg

This step is to synthesize everything we’ve learned in Steps 5 & 6 – number, suit, element, and mode – into simple statements. In other words, we get to have a lil fun and mix and match the keywords in order to create mini-meanings or aphorisms to help us out in not only understanding our chosen card better, but also apply them when the card appears in our readings, as we seem fit.

The best part about this technique is that not only can it help us whenever we’re having intuitive dry-spells, but it can even help us with cards that have unillustrated minors that make it hard to read with ‘intuitively’, as well as, whenever we need to do a ‘quickie’ reading where we need ‘instant answers’ without being too ‘therapeutic’. For those of you who do the whole ‘psychic fair circuit’, as well as, those of you who read at parties, events, metaphysical stores, salons, etc, where you have to stick to a fixed amount of time per seeker, and wish not to be too drained at the end of the day; this reading technique can prove surprisingly useful.

What’s even more cool about it is that you can create an infinite amount of aphorisms and statements, as you can mix the keywords in any possible combination, as it suits the reading. So you can even create a set of ‘ready-made’ interpretations for your own personal convenience. However, I feel that it’s important that I mention that the cards are incredibly dynamic, and while this is a good step to follow, never ignore your own personal intuitive impulses at the time of a reading!

And with that, let’s see how we can synthesize the various structural aspects of the chosen card – 6 of Swords.

In this exercise, I’m making it like a mathematical formula (6 + Swords =…). 6 being a variable that contains all the keywords associated with 6, including the fact that it’s ruled by Venus; Swords being another variable that contains all the keywords associated with that suit, including the fact that it’s associated with the element of Air. And since it’s belongs to the Minor Arcana, one of the Modes of a Tarot Deck, all the resulting aphorisms are connected to the “what?” in a situation, and the “what action to take?” For more details on these, please check the previous step.

6 of Swords - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

6 of Swords

6 (Hamony) + Swords (Thoughts) = Harmony of Thoughts


6 (Balance) + Swords (Mental) = Mental Balance


6 (Perfection) + Swords (Planning) = Perfectly laid Plans


6 (Union) + Sword (Mindset) = Unity of mindsets


6 (Beauty) + Swords (Mind) = A Beautiful Mind


6 (Fairness) + Swords (Decision) = A fair decision

(Make your decisions fairly; A decision shall be made that’s fair to everyone)


6 (Emotions) + Swords (Detachment) = Emotional Detachment

(In order to move on we need to detach ourselves emotionally from the past)


6 (Pleasantries) + Swords (Cutting) = Cutting through the Pleasantries

(Cut the crap and get down to business)


6 (Yin) + Swords (Yang) = Yin & Yang

(A balance of our feminine emotional self and masculine logical self)


6 (Idealism) + Swords (Ideas) = Idealistic Ideas

(Through our idealistic ideas, we can create a revolution, and move forward in our personal evolution)


6 (Discrimination) + Swords (Criticism) = Critical Discrimination

(After all, Uncle Al did call this card ‘Science’)


6 (Reunion) + Swords (Letters/Communication) = Invitation to a Reunion


6 (Resolution) + Swords (Battle) = Resolving Battles


6 (Moist) + Swords (Air) = Humidity 😀

(Yes, I was once asked on Radio to give a weather forecast. I ‘winged’ it in this manner, and it worked)


6 (Vanity) + Swords (Cruel) = Vanity and Cruelty go hand in hand.

(If we think about it, a lot of people who are exceedingly vain have quite a cruel streak (Mirror Mirror on the wall…). And yes, this step can also be used to elaborate the ‘shadow’ aspect of a card)


Wow! Just by synthesizing the various structural aspects of the card, we’ve managed to come up with 15 unique aphorisms which we can use with the card! See, just by understanding the various structural aspects of a card, we can learn so much about it, as well as, be able to create our own interpretations, and apply them to a reading where it seems fit. Some of them, I just created on the spot, because they just ‘hit’ me at the moment. That just goes to show how ‘intuitive flashes of inspiration’ can strike us even when doing something as ‘mundane’ as mixing and matching keywords to create aphorisms.

We shall next see how we can use our intuitive abilities and create metaphors for our chosen card in Step 8: Metaphor.

Till then, have a lovely week ahead.

Love and Blessings


PS: Hey, be a sport, try this out and see how you can synthesize the various aspects of the 6 of Swords (or whichever card you’re doing your own personal Journey through Mary K. Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card), and please share them with us here. I’d so totally love to read them. You could just end up teaching us all something new!

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~ “Fucking Courts!” ~

—  Moi ^_^

Yes, I still say that whenever too many court cards appear within a reading. Especially whenever I’m just doing a simple no-frills 3 card reading, and two (and sometimes all three of them) are court cards. Earlier, I used to think it’s only me who had trouble reading court cards, but it turns out, virtually everyone I’ve come across (seasoned professionals, novices, and even Tarot Authors) have issues with the courts. So trust, me, you’re not alone in your frustration regarding interpreting court cards. However, if you say you don’t need any help regarding court cards and that they’re a breeze to read through, then you’re either the great grand master of all things Tarot and should have a shrine built in your honor… or, you’re just a cocky liar, so get off your high horse already 😛

Why are the courts so F*d up?

The answer to that comes from how Tarot evolved. You see, earlier on, when virtually every deck was a TDM (Tarot De Marseilles) or a TDM clone, the courts were all of a set role – King, Queen, Knight, and Page. Very simple, very feudalistic. Kings were all matured/married men (though so many married men I’ve come across are anything but mature), Queens were mature/married women (ditto), Knights were single unmarried men (read horny pigs that shag everything that moves – oh don’t gimme that look, where else do you think the whole ‘Knight in shining armor’ fantasy came from), and Pages were either children or young unmarried women (goes to show the pittiful state of a young single girl back in the day. Come to think of it, such a mindset is still followed in many cultures of the world, but let’s get back to the subject). Everything was fine and dandy, as psychology wasn’t yet created, and minors were all unillustrated pips (yes, I know there are exceptions, but work with me here) so courts totally were used to represent people (‘I see a tall dark stranger in your future’).

Then in the 19th century, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn came into the picture and began messing around with our limited feudalistic courts. By stuffing all their esoterica (that has oft been criticized to begin with) into the Tarot, they began assigning elements to not only the suits of the minors, but also to the ranks of the courts. Queens were water and Pages were earth (trust a bunch of stuffy old men to call earth a ‘step-element’ and assign it to a Page – as an earth sign, I take offense to the degradation of my element). The Knight on his fancy horse was fire (read testostrone fueled) and the Kings were assigned air for their logic and reasoning skills (as if!).

However, while this was assigned, some dude in a tacky traditional robe (yeah, str8 men have no concept of fabric and design) must have gone all, “Hey, shouldn’t fire get a ‘higher’ rank? After all, fire is the primary consort of water, and thus it would be more fitting if the Queens consort was fire instead of air.” And so all the GD honchos decided to ‘promote’ the Knight to King (they actually penciled it in on their existing decks), while the King got ‘demoted’ to Prince or Son. The Queens remained queens, and to create a more balance in the genders, renamed the Pages, Princess or Daughter (woo-hoo, a step in the right direction for women’s lib!).

Not everyone was happy with this. Arthur Edward Waite (who shall now be referred to as Uncle Art for short) and Aleister Crowley (Uncle Al), who went on to create their respective Tarot decks that laid the foundation for the evolution of modern Tarot, had their own take on the courts.

Uncle Art was a stuffy old soul (have you ever read his works? Snoozefest!) and decided to go with the Traditional style of the TDM Courts, and thus reinstating the King and the Knight back in their respective positions, and stripping away the Page off his Princess title.

Uncle Al was a… well, a ‘colorful’ character, and decided to take the GD court model a step further by retaining the Knights original title, and making him the highest station and demoted the King to Prince.

(Dysfunctional) Family Dynamics

In the TDM and RWS (Rider Waite Smith – A Tarot Deck created by Uncle Art and Pamela ‘Pixie’ Coleman Smith) decks,  the court ranks are based on the royal households of Europe’s feudal period. The King was the absolute ruler of his domain, which he inherited from his father. His consort was his Queen, who most likely married the dude for political and societal reasons.  The Knight is either the king’s military commander or an ambitious young vassal. He  could even be the royal heir to the throne and thus proving his prowess through tournaments and battles (and sowing his wild oats into all the young maidens). The Page was either their household servant or foster child, that lived with them and attended their needs (developing a major Cinderella complex while cleaning their ‘royal thrones’ every morning).

In the Thoth Tarot (Uncle Al’s deck which he created with Lady Freida Harris), the Knight and Queen were the primary couple with two children, the Prince and the Princess. Crowley’s family model was part based on pre-christian pagan cultures, and part based on fairytales – Once upon a time, a long long time ago, the world was kinda messed up. Since communities were so far off and isolated, people would end up shagging sheep and/or their cousins to get their kicks. As we all know, children born out of incest and inbreeding just tend to be anything but normal, and when too many of such kind are born, the kingdoms would just dwindle on virtually all levels. The Royal Family was treated like divinity, mainly cause inbreeding never occured, and thus they remained all the more healthier, vigorous, and ‘potent’ than their royal subjects. Thus their vitality were directly linked to the land and their community.

The King was a wise and powerful ruler. However, age caught up on him, and he became infertile. Trying to remain youthful, he still tried to do all sorts of crazy things to prove he was still ‘da man’. In the process of doing so, he ended up throwing out his back, causing him to remain bedridden and unable to really get it up (this is what happens when you decide to pump iron instead of opt for yoga and tai chi). This lead to the land drying up and eventually becoming a wasteland. Upon seeing this happen, big scary monsters began terrorizing the people, as the knew the King was powerless to do anything.

The Queen would sigh and cry, “Oh why is this happening to us? Why oh why oh why?” and she would beg and pray for someone to come along and rescue them. And hopefully be cute enough to marry their daughter who just sits all day in her room singing aimlessly about being ‘awoken’. (Taylor Swift anyone?)

Then one day, a strong handsome and very virile Knight was galloping along, till he heard the most beautiful voice in the world. So captivated by the siren call, that he changed course and began galloping towards the voice. Upon reaching the kingdom, he realized that the voice was coming from the Princesses chambers, and upon gazing at her, he fell in love with her at first sight. But as soon as he saw the state of the land, and the fact that a ravaging monster was breathing fire and stomping around innocent inbred peasants, he boldly went on to slay the beast and save the kingdom. For his courage and strength, he was given the hand of the princess to marry. The Old King and Queen gave up their throne and took to the fancy old folks home in the pre-christian Boca Raton, while the princess went onto becoming the new Queen, with the Knight as her consort. They got it on like a pair of wild monkeys, and gave birth to two children, the Prince and the Princess, and the land was again fertile and abundant. The Prince would eventually be set out to follow daddy’s footsteps to rescue another land in turmoil and rescue it, while the Princess would be groomed to become the future Queen.

And they lived happily ever after.

Oy! And I thought my family was messed up.

That’s all well and nice, but how do I read the effin’ courts?

Well, that’s the tricky part. You see, due to the differences between the RWS, GD, and Thoth systems of court cards, we’re all left confused with the question ‘which one do we follow?’ One way of going about it is to read solely with either a TDM, RWS, or Thoth deck and stick with that system and see how it works for you. That’s all fine and dandy till the point you’re viewing the courts as just ‘people’. However, as Tarot has evolved, we have discovered that beyond mere prediction, Tarot can also be used as a therapeutic tool, enabling us to get a deeper and more profound insight into ourselves and the world around us (and even the universe), and thus, we have come to discover that Court Cards, along with representing other people in our lives, also represent different parts of ourselves. Our appearance can fit in with one card, while our emotional side could fit better with another. Hell, even the way we communicate, make love, achieve a goal, and the various stages of our own lives, can be represented by different court cards. And if that didn’t make matters more complicated, Court Cards can also represent situation (yes, situations) in our lives, where either we have to behave like the court-persona, or the situation itself is a manifestation of that particular court card.

And to make matters worse, different decks offer different perspectives on the courts. Some of them even try to combine the TDM/RWS style with the Thoth systems! And while the GD/Thoth systems have a long list of various esoteric correspondences assigned to each court card, they some how don’t totally fit in well with the TDM/RWS courts, thus sparking public (and private) debate on how to merge the two systems, as well as, how to apply them universally, so that no matter what deck we read with, it all applies therein. And don’t get me started on how all the therapeutic psychological correspondences have been assigned to each court card, that’s a whole different can of worms altogether.

I’ve tried my best to create a set of keywords for the ranks of the courts, so as to share with you my own personal system of handling the courts, as well as, offer another perspective on the Tarot Courts. I am not saying this is the absolute right way! Nor am I saying that I stand by this completely. I’m a human being, I evolve with the times, and always keep an open mind for new theories and practices. For now, this is what works for me, and this is what helps me interpret the damned courts at the end of the day. If it helps you, fabulous! If it confuses you, I sincerely apologize, and if you disagree with my assignations, please feel free to share your thoughts.

But before we get to those, let’s take a brief look at how we can interpret court cards within a reading:-

  • A person in our life, identified by their physical attributes, profession, role, or even personality type and astrological sign.
  • An aspect of our own personality, style, attitude, or role we play.
  • A relationship we have with people within our life.
  • A spiritual influence at work in our lives.
  • Events and situations (past, present, and future).
  • Times or seasons of the year.
  • Qualities we need to cultivate within ourselves.

How do we know when to interpret a court as one of the above? Well, the answer is simple in theory but complex in application, and I’m sorry, but I’m not able to provide a better answer at this moment – Trust your intuition and go with it.

And with that, I present to you the Keywords for the various ranks of the Tarot Court

  • KINGS (GD/Thoth Emperor/Prince)

Malik. Re. Roi. Lord. Chief. Patriarch. Master. Father. Guardian. Man. Sage. Resolving. Exemplar. Shaman. Companion.

    • Traditional Rank: Mature or Married Man
    • Element: Airy part of the Element
    • Polarity: Mature Yang Energy
    • Astrology: Fixed Signs – (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius)
    • Tetragrammaton: Vau (Intellect)
    • Qabalistic World: Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Sephirah: Tiphareth (Beauty)
    • Corresponding Minors: The Sixes
    • MBTI Personality Axis: Extraverted (E) Judgers (J)
    • Craft Standing: Master (of the outer, public). Decision Maker.
    • Function: Direction. Authority.
    • Service: Administer. Conserver
    • Area of Society: Government
    • Social Function: Father; consort.
    • Developmental Stage: Fixed, static, or out-moded ideas. Result.
    • Developmental Function: Finality. Completion. Letting Go. Closure.
    • Keywords: Competence. Authority. Respect. Decision Making. Mastery. Leadership. Prowess.



Regina. Dame. Reina. Lady. Matriarch. Mistress. Goddess. Mother. Guide. Woman. Lover. Sibyl. Lover. Priestess.

    • Traditional Rank: Mature or Married Woman
    • Element: Watery part of the Element
    • Polarity: Mature Yin Energy
    • Astrology: Cardinal Signs – (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)
    • Tetragrammaton: He (Emotions)
    • Qabalistic World: Briah (Heart/Soul)
    • Sephirah: Binah (Understanding)
    • Corresponding Minors: The Threes
    • MBTI Personality Axis: Introverted (I) Judgers (J)
    • Craft Standing: Master (of the inner, interpersonal). Maintainer.
    • Function: Support. Foundation.
    • Service: Nurturer. Caregiver.
    • Area of Society: Religion.
    • Social Function: Mother; consort.
    • Developmental Stage: Devotional and developmental ideas. Motivation.
    • Developmental Function: Maturity. Competency. Fulfillment. Authority. Skill. Understanding.
    • Keywords: Understanding. Persuasion. Communication. Teaching. Nurturance. Emotional Awareness. Creativity. Intuition. Leadership.


  • KNIGHTS (GD Kings)

Na’ib. Cavaliere. Cavalier. Caballo. Warrior. Son. Brother. Seeker. Angel. Man. Dancer. Awakening. La Place. Totem.

    • Traditional Rank: Young Single Man
    • Element: Fiery part of the Element
    • Polarity: Immature Yang Energy
    • Astrology: Mutable Signs – (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)
    • Tetragrammaton: Yod (Will)
    • Qabalistic World: Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Sephirah: Chokmah (Wisdom)
    • Corresponding Minors: The Twos
    • MBTI Personality Axis: Extraverted (E) Perceivers (P)
    • Craft Standing: Journeyman. Explorer.
    • Function: Travel. Departure. Change of Residence.
    • Service: Action. Movement.
    • Area of Society: History and National Characteristics
    • Social Function: Adventurer.
    • Developmental Stage: Revolutionary ideas. Overturns outmoded effects.
    • Developmental Function: Focus. Intensity. Involvement. Directness.
    • Keywords: Energy. Passion. Motion Towards Goal. Intention. Focus. Single-mindedness. Idealism. Vitality. Lust for Life.


  • PAGES (GD/Thoth Princess)

Thani. Valet. Apprentice. Servant. Child. Daughter. Princess. Elemental. Maiden. Novice. Sister. Seer. Muse. Innocence.

    • Traditional Rank: Young Single Woman or Child/Youth.
    • Element: Earthy part of the Element
    • Polarity: Immature Yin Energy
    • Astrology: The Seed/Root of the Elements
    • Tetragrammaton: He – Final (Senses)
    • Qabalistic World: Assiah (Body)
    • Sephirah: Malkuth (Kingdom)
    • Corresponding Minors: The Tens
    • MBTI Personality Axis: Introverted (I) Perceivers (P)
    • Craft Standing: Student. Apprentice. Servant
    • Function: News. Study.
    • Service: Catalyst of Change.
    • Area of Society: Arts and Science.
    • Social Function: Messenger. Envoy.
    • Developmental Stage: New Ideas. Possibilities
    • Developmental Function: Risk. Faith. Setting Out.
    • Keywords: Curiosity. Hope. Innocence. Opening. Trust. Beginnings. Novelty. Growth. Study. Apprenticeship.

And with that, I conclude my introduction to the Tarot Court. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far. I shall be providing keywords for each Suit Family in subsequent postings. Thank you for bearing with my rant 😀

Love and Blessings


PS: I wrote this post in the spirit of humor and promoting understanding. I do not wish to offend anyone at all with anything that is written here. There are far too many ‘scholarly’ works upon the Tarot Courts that provide way more in-depth info than I have, and though not all of it would match entirely what I’ve posted here, please understand that this is my understanding of the courts, and how I work with them, and how they seem to work with me.

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~ “A structure becomes architectural, and not sculptural, when its elements no longer have their justification in nature.” ~

— Guillaume Apollinaire

In the previous steps in our jouney, we’ve been focusing mostly on intuitive methods of reading a Tarot Card. While, those are wonderful ways of not only enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the Tarot, as well as, expanding our own intuitive abilities; it’s also important for us to understand the basic structure of a Tarot Card. By ‘structure’, I mean the card’s Number, Mode, Suit, and Element.

Reading a card on an ‘intuitive’ level does bring an extra depth to a reading, however, sometimes even the most intuitive of readers tend to blank out in the middle of a reading because they are just unable to ‘get’ a card. It’s normal – we’re human beings. We have our moments. Also, not all readings require us to go ever so deep into a card. A quick, no frills, blunt interpretation of the card at times is more appreciated than a long detailed descriptive one that we’ve ‘channeled’. It’s kinda like those days when you just crave a Big Mac and fries, and know that Fois Gras or Coq au Vin can’t satisfy you.

In her book, 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, Mary K Greer has dedicated two separate chapters on exploring the structure of a card. One entirely focusing on the card’s Number, while the second focusing on the card’s Mode, Suit, and Element. I however, have decided to include them within a single posting, mainly because at this point, I’m only focusing on the ‘Way of the Apprentice’ exercises, as well as, I feel that each aspect is essential to the card’s structural make-up, and thus enable us to enhance our understanding of the card when applied together, than separately.

So without further delay, let’s delve into the structural aspect of our given card – The 6 of Swords

6 of Swords - Legacy of the Divine Tarot


The number of our given card is ‘6’. Six is the number of equilibrium, as well as, balance, harmony, health, and time. Pythagoras considered the number 6 as the form of forms, the perfection of all the parts, and associated it with immortality. In Christian symbolism, 6 is also considered as the number of perfection, as God created the world in 6 days. According to the Kabbalah, 6 represents beauty and creation (Tiphareth). According to the Chaldean system of Numerology, 6 is associated with the planet Venus, and thus represents a feminine/yin energy that is pleasant, harmonious, settled, and peaceful, and emphasizes on love, beauty, relationships, diplomacy, and resolution.

Applying it to the card:- Seeking calmer waters. Releasing Tension. Moving away from chaos and anxiety and entering a more peaceful state where balance and harmony are restored.


In Tarot, Modes are the four unit divisions of the deck; i.e. Majors/Trumps, Court Cards, Aces, and Minor Pips (Numbered cards from 2 – 10). The 6 of Swords is a Minor Pip card, which represents the ‘What?’. They describe the situation and events that are occuring within our lives, as well as, what exactly we are dealing with and what action we can take to deal with it.

Applying it to the card:- Journey. Travel. Transition. Change. Progress.


The given card belongs to the Suit of Swords. Swords represent the qualities necessary to survive, especially boldness, dexterity, efficiency, alertness, and courage. They also allow us to observe scenes from our life without emotion and somewhat detached, critical, and allow us to discriminate fairly. Swords are also indicative of struggles or conflict, and point to a need for making decisions to shape our lives. They cut through all the drama and BS surrounding us, offering us clarity.

Applying it to the card:- Detaching ourselves emotionally as we release the past and enter our future. In order to sail through a time of struggle and difficulty, we need to detach ourselves from all the BS and focus on the things that matter. Critical and objective reflection is required in order to gain an understanding of our situation and achieve clarity.


The given card belongs to the element of Air. Air represents our mind, intellect, logic, reason, rationality, and our ability to communicate. In a psychological context, Air corresponds to nimble analysis, flexible discrimination, and therefore to ideas, ideals, and knowledge acquired through study and education.

Applying it to the card:- Transferring ideas, data, and thoughts. Channel of Communication. Education helps us move from the ‘dark’ and into the ‘light’ by opening our minds and expanding our horizons.



As you can see, just by examining the various aspects of the overall structure of the card, we discover quick and to-the-point interpretations of the given card. This way, whenever we go through an ‘intuitive dry-spell’, we can still tap into the wisdom within the card and gain the answers we seek. In a way, it almost gives us a ‘scientific’ way of analyzing and interpreting the Tarot.

Stay tuned for Step 7: Synthesis, where we shall combine the various structural aspects of the card and expand on our abilities of interpretation.

Love and Blessings


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~ “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~

Maya Angelou

This is a step I have been really looking forward to. Here I get to unleash my incredibly active and crazy-fertile imagination. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but my Sag-Mercury that conjuncts Uranus in my birthchart does give me a flair for the dramatic!

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then a Tarot Card can speak a million! (Yes I made this up all by myself, and you can quote me on it, but do remember to credit me :D). And of those million words spoken by a single Tarot Card, countless stories can be woven. And the best part is, the story can have absolutely NOTHING to do with the traditional meaning of the card!

Yes, you heard right! The story doesn’t have to be related to the traditional meaning of the card! That’s what makes this step so fantastic, because here we can let our imaginations run wild and allow ourselves to weave a story more wondrous than Alice’s Wonderland itself! So get ready to liberate yourself from the bondage of LWB’s, companion books, mile-long lists of correspondences,  and all the ‘researched historical theoretical’ books on the Tarot, and let’s take a Fool’s leap into the realm of our imagination…

6 of Swords - Legacy of the Divine Tarot



Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a beautiful princess named Aria. Like every princess, Aria had every possible luxury and privilege bestowed upon her from the moment she was born. From the finest gowns spun from the finest silk, to the finest shoes crafted of the finest and most rare materials. From jewels of the most precious of gold embedded with the most brilliant stones, to trinkets and baubles gifted by various princes from all corners of the world. Aria had an army of servants to cater to her every need, as well as, was provided the finest education from the world’s finest tutors. She would attend the  fanciest of fancy balls and dance with the most charming of charming princes. Princess Aria had everything a princess could ask for, and everything a commoner could only dream of. Aria hated her life!

It wasn’t like she wasn’t grateful for all that she received. She truly loved her family, and she understood that she was incredibly blessed to lead such a lavish life of luxury. However, a part of her felt like a bird trapped within a gilded cage. Within the confines of her palace, and her kingdom, she was treated as no less than a ‘God’. Even though one could get used to such treatment, Aria understood that it was fake. All the love and adoration was for the title that was bestowed upon her from birth. No one truly loved her for whom she truly was. If she was just born a peasant girl, no one would ever give her a second glance. Those pompous princes and shallow princesses she would meet and greet with on a regular basis were so caught up with the glittering dazzle of being royal that they never bothered to discover themselves, nor dream of being anything but a bunch of entitled nitwits.

Oh how Aria would wish she could just escape from it all. How she wished she could just take off in the middle of the night and run away to a distant kingdom, where she could hawk her jewels and gain enough money to travel the world incognito, experiencing life the way it’s meant to be experienced – one adventure after the other. There was so much out there to be discovered and so much for her to learn; and yet here she was, wasting away her life while everything is handed to her upon a silver platter.Oh how she wished she could just escape!

“Be careful what you wish for child”

‘Who is that?’ Aria awoke from her slumber with pearl-like beads of cold-sweat dripping down her spine out of fright. She looked around frantically, only to discover she was alone in her chambers. Just as she was about to dismiss it as a figment of her imagination, she noticed a golden glimmer through the cracks of the door. Aria called out for her chambermaid, but she didn’t respond. Lazy Cow! Probably off canoodling with the stable-hand again!

Unable to shake off her curiosity, Aria slipped out of her bed and headed over to the door, only to discover upon opening, a golden orb of light hovering mid-air. Startled, she tried feeling the space above, below, and around the orb, trying to see if there were any strings holding it up like that. Before she could finish her examination, the orb began to move down the hallway at a gentle, yet, quick pace. Without a second thought, Aria began chasing it.

It was so odd, usually the palace was filled with guards, servants, courtiers, someone or the other; but tonight, the palace was empty. Not a soul was around to witness the site of Aria in her sleeping-gown chasing after an orb of golden light down the flights of stairs and through the foyer. She had almost caught it halfway down, until her sleeping gown got caught under her foot, causing her to take a nasty tumble down the stairs.

The first thing she felt was her head felt as though she was carrying a ton of bricks upon it. She slowly tried opening her eyes, but everything was so hazy that she felt all the more discouraged to do so. The spinning only made her headache worse.

“It would help if you take a few deep breaths before you open your eyes”

Aria’s eyes shot up wide and she sat up in a frightful jerk. She began breathing rapidly, almost on the verge of a panic attack, as she noticed her surroundings – a dark dingy labyrinth of sorts with a river, filled with various tunnels. She was on a wooden vessel of sorts that seemed to move as if it were floating through air rather than water.

“Well, that’s another way to get up.”

Aria turned around and saw a mysterious figure shrouded in a dark cloak that covered him from head to toe. Behind him, was the very same golden orb she was chasing! At first she wished to grab onto it, but then considering what happened the last time she chased after it, she decided she had enough for now. She slowly managed to stand up by grabbing onto the edge of the vessel and began examining her dark dingy surroundings. Something about the figure forbade her to try to make direct eye-contact, but the fact that his hands were chained to the steering rod, didn’t escape her sight.

“W-Where am I?… H-How did I get here?”

“You always wanted to escape didn’t you? Well, now you got your wish!”

“What do you mean?” Aria turned towards him, without making direct eye-contact. “Who are you? And how did I get on this vessel? I demand to know! I’m a Princess for Nyx-Sake!” It felt so unnatural for Aria to use the ‘princess card’, but this was getting way too creepy.

“I only steer the vessel from one port to the other. That’s all I know. That’s all I do. I do not ask questions about who I carry with me. Nor do I question why I have to carry them.” The mysterious one replied in a low ominous tone.

“That doesn’t make any sense to me!”

“It’s not even supposed to.”

Aria turned around in a huff, looking ahead of her as the vessel headed out into a courtyard of sorts. Unlike the rest of the labyrinth, this area seemed to have a white light illuminating the room. No matter how much she tried, she just couldn’t identify the source. Above and below were sword like stalactites and stalagmites that though seemed dangerous at first, merely just seemed to reflect the white light, illuminating the chamber all the more.

“Where are we?” Aria asked breathlessly, in awe of it all.

“This is the chamber of consequences.”

“Chamber of what?”

“You wished to escape didn’t you? Well, every wish has its consequences. Take a look in any of the mirrors.”

Aria gazed into one stalactite that dangled above them as they passed by it. Her jaw dropped as she saw her reflection dissolve in front of her very eyes, revealing a vision of her mother lying in bed almost lifeless, with her father sitting by her bedside covered in a veil of melancholy. “M-M-Mother…”

“You were their only child. The apple of their eye, their pride and joy. They had tried for over ten years to bear a child, and had almost given up hope. You were their miracle, and the center of their world. The moment they discovered you were gone, your mother collapsed on the spot. No matter how many physicians and healers attend to her, she still refuses to get better; almost like she lost the will to live.”

Aria’s eyes began welling up with tears. Yet a part of her refused to believe the vision before her. After all, this could just be a trick, a way to ‘guilt’ her into returning to the kingdom and resume her suffocating life. Though the vision did look pretty convincing…

“Go; take a look into the other one. You’ll see a different vision.”

Upon doing so, Aria saw the kingdom in sheer and utter chaos. The once joyous and abundant kingdom was now the center of discord. People were rioting all over the streets. Crimes were being committed in broad daylight, and nobody did a thing to stop them. Fistfights broke out in the drop of a hat. The lush farms and valleys were now dead and charred due to enormous fires that occurred during massive rampages.

“With your Father struck so deeply with grief, he lost all interest in managing the kingdom. Without a king to command them, the peasants took full advantage of it. After a certain point, the palace guards even joined in the looting and plundering, realizing that the King could care less.”

“But why would Father allow this to happen?” Aria wiped her tears quickly before they could fall down her cheeks, trying her best to remain skeptical, “he loved his kingdom. He was so devoted towards developing it into a utopian society of prosperity and knowledge.”

“That’s because the kingdom was his legacy to you. You were next in line to the throne. Everything he did for the kingdom was all for you Princess. And since you’re no longer there, he lost the will to lead his kingdom to glory…”

“Stop it!” Aria screamed as tears began flowing down her cheeks, “This just can’t be true.”

“Oh but it is true dear princess. You wished ever so desperately to get away from your charmed life that you didn’t realize the consequences of your wishes. You were so caught up in detesting your life that you never bothered to wonder about your role and duty as a future monarch.”

Aria wiped away the tears from her now swollen cheeks, “What happens to me once I run away?”

“Take a look and see for yourself”, the mysterious stranger pointed towards the mirrored stalactite ahead.

Upon gazing, Aria saw herself in a far distant kingdom. She was all alone, living in a tiny hut, which she had to share with five other people. There was no one to wait on her, no one to really look after her. She would work all day long at a field for wages well below the amount of effort she put in. At nights she would have to be a serving wench at an inn, where drunk patrons would make lurid passes at her, and again she wouldn’t earn as much as the efforts she would put in. It was a lonely existence. Even though she lived with others, they were too caught up in their own lives, that they didn’t bother befriending each other.

“No!” Aria’s eyes widened with disbelief, “That can’t be it! Can it?”

“You wanted to be free from being a princess and living a privileged life. That’s the life of a peasant. Freedom is a double-edged sword princess. Just like wishes.”

Aria’s head drooped in shame. She fell upon her knees and began sobbing uncontrollably. Oh what a short-sighted fool she had been. Spending all her life fantasizing about being free from a life of privilege, without realizing how it would affect her family, as well as, herself. Oh how selfish it was of her to live in those fantasies. To believe that fulfilling them would make her life all the more better.

“W-W-What if…” Aria stammered as she tried to stand up.


“W-What if I didn’t runaway? What if I didn’t wish so dearly to escape? How would my life be?”

She couldn’t see it, but she could feel the mysterious stranger smiling under his cloak, “See for yourself dear princess” He pointed towards a stalagmite, floating near the boat.

Aria drooped over and to her delight; she saw her kingdom all lush and abundant. She could see everyone celebrating with joy at her coronation. Everyone was so happy to see her ascend the throne. Unlike earlier, Aria didn’t seem unhappy or suffocated by it all. She seemed all the more content and at peace. The vision went on to show how as the sovereign ruler of the kingdom, she would build universities to educate the peasants, especially the girls. Wages would be increased; women would be treated with respect wherever they’d work. The arts and philosophical and progressive thinking would be nurtured throughout, and thus making the kingdom into a rich cultural melting pot, attracting aspiring artists and philosophers from kingdoms allover the world to migrate over and only add to the richness and beauty of the kingdom.

Everything was so blissful, but the vessel was moving away from the stalagmite. Aria leaned in closer and closer, trying to get closer to see how the vision turned out. Just as she had come to the scene of her wedding day, she felt the vessel rocking, and before she could regain her balance, she fell over into the icy cold water, screaming in sheer fright.

She woke up, only to realize she had water splashed across her face. By her side were her parents – the king and queen – and an entire brood of attendants. It was all a dream. She reached out and hugged her parents. Salty tears of joy flowed blissfully down her cheeks as she kept apologizing about how selfish and rotten she had been, and how she truly valued and appreciated everything they had done for her. Her parents were bewildered by her revelation, but laughed it off, reminding her of their unconditional love.

Six years had passed since that fateful night. Aria had ascended throne and ruled over her kingdom with pride and joy. Everything she saw in the vision had come true. Her kingdom was one of the most prosperous Kingdoms in all the lands. Women were empowered and treated with respect, and wages were so generous, that no one felt exploited, which made them all the more willing to work hard and pay their taxes on time regularly. The university had attracted scholars, philosophers, and artists from all over. Peasants got a fair chance for an education and choose their path in life, than have it dictated for them. Aria had done well for her kingdom.

And now was the day of her wedding. The only part of the vision Aria never saw too clearly. Her groom was a handsome prince from a neighboring kingdom. Unlike the princes she knew while growing up, he wasn’t a snob, nor tried to suppress her under his thumb. He was the perfect partner, politically and romantically. The two of them fell in love when they met for the first time during the ball inaugurating the university she had built.

As they exchanged their vows, for a fleeting moment, Aria noticed a figure shrouded in a heavy cloak watching from afar. Her eyes widened with shock! It was the very same mysterious stranger that she had met in her dream. Was it really a dream?

Before she could ponder further, she noticed the stranger removing his cloak, only to reveal that he was actually her. The stranger was truly her reflection. And the stranger smiled upon her, blessing her with love and approval. Aria smiled back and finished exchanging her vows.

The crowd cheered as she and her prince were pronounced husband and wife. The two of them embraced each other passionately and exchanged a tender yet deep kiss. A kiss so powerful that Aria could just feel it to the core of her soul.

And they lived Happily Ever After!



Wow! That was such an intense journey! In all honesty, I never planned the story out at all. I just kept observing the cards image and let the story just pour out of me. It was almost like I could feel a force beyond my comprehension whisper the story in my ear, and guide my fingertips upon my keyboard. Gosh, I’m getting goosebumps and chills down my spine just looking at the story I created. And through the story, this has helped me discover so many ‘new meanings’ to the 6 of Swords, which I would have never really felt fit with the card before (such as reflection, introspection, following your destiny, consequences of our wishes, etc.).

Imagine! Just from a single card, a story of more than 2500 words could be weaved. Perhaps with a 3 card reading, we could create an entire novella. Perhaps a Saga from a major spread like the Celtic Cross. Hell, I bet if all 78 cards were used, one could have an entire epic tale on the same level as say Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tale that was weaved from the 6 of Swords. And I do hope you all give this (and the previous steps) a try as well. I can totally guarantee it will be an intense and powerful experience.

Love and Blessings


NOTE: I have typed the entire story as I observed the card, and didn’t edit it a single bit, because I felt it might rob the integrity of the exercise where we’re supposed to let our imaginations run wild! Please excuse any typographical or grammatical or narrative flaws and errors. Thank you.



Careful the wish you make
Wishes are children
Careful the path they take
Wishes come true, not free
Careful the spell you cast
Not just on children
Sometimes the spell may last
Past what you can see
And turn against you
Careful the tale you tell
That is the spell
Children will listen.

— Stephen Sondheim (Taken from the song Children will Listen from the Musical Into the Woods)


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~ “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.” ~

— Dolly Levi (From the musical Hello Dolly)

The Suit of Pentacles is associated with the element of Earth. Pentacles signify the fruits of our labor, the results of the process we have been through with the other suits. They represent security, as well as, the literal ‘ground’ from which new ideas can grow. Pentacles also represent the value of physical experience, and are also our connection to nature and earth. Everything within this suit is tangible, real, and can be experienced in the physical level of existence. Within a reading, an excess of Pentacles could represent things like getting stuck in a rut, lack of imagination and stimulation, heaviness, sluggishness, and to some extent, even melancholy. A lack or absence of Pentacles could represent flightiness, lack of focus, anxiety and confusion, a weak root chakra, and financial instability.

The following are a list of keywords for the suit of Pentacles. These keywords are not to be relied on as crutches, but as creative springboards for us to develop our own interpretation and understanding of not just each card, but the suit of Cups on its whole.

    • Alternative Titles: Coins. Disks. Circles. Stones. Shields. Diamonds.
    • Element: Earth
    • Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.
    • Planets: Venus. Saturn.
    • Style: Drying. Cracking. Materializing. Stabilizing. Crystallizing. Solidifying.
    • Jungian Function: Sensing.
    • Colors: Brown. Green. Black.
    • Season: Winter
    • Direction: North
    • Time of Day: Midnight.
    • Feudal Class: Merchants, Business, and Professional class.
    • Keywords: Money. Material World. Property. Inheritance. Wealth. Business. Possessions. Savings. Talents. Training. Education. Study. Time. Giving and Receiving. Profit and Loss. Tangible Reality. Work. Values. Mother Nature. Emotional Security. Sensual Pleasure. Rewards.


    Ace of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

The Root of the Powers of Earth

    • Astrology: The Aries/Taurus/Gemini Quadrant of the Zodiac.
    • Chart Position: 0 Aries to 30 Gemini
    • Dates: March 21st to June 20th
    • Qabalah: Kether (Crown) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Tangible Beginnings. Prosperity. Comfort. Reward.
    • Negative Keywords: Greed. Miserliness. Possessiveness. Materialism.
    • Affirmation: I am open and receptive to all the love and abundance in the universe, and thank you life.

    2 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Harmonious Change

    • Astrology: Jupiter in Capricorn
    • Chart Position: 0 Capricorn to 10 Capricorn
    • Dates: December  22nd to December 30th
    • Qabalah: Chokmah (Wisdom) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Balance. Movement. Multitasking. Changes.
    • Negative Keywords: Disequilibrium. Disorganization. Inflexibility. Unfocused.
    • Affirmation: I feel safe to be me and free to be in this moment of life.

    3 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Material Works

    • Astrology: Mars in Capricorn
    • Chart Position: 10 Capricorn to 20 Capricorn
    • Dates: December 31st to January 9th
    • Qabalah: Binah (Understanding) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Superior Talents. Progress. Diligence. Expertise.
    • Negative Keywords: Inefficiency. Boredom. Thankless Task. Lack of Respect.
    • Affirmation: I am filled with life and energy and the joy of living.

    4 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Earthly Power

    • Astrology: Sun in Capricorn
    • Chart Position: 20 Capricorn to 30 Capricorn
    • Dates: January 10th to January 19th
    • Qabalah: Chesed (Mercy) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Power. Enrichment. Possession. Stability.
    • Negative Keywords: Greed. Stinginess. Suspicion. Fear.
    • Affirmation: I am flexible and flowing and experience the new wholly with joy. I move forward with forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion.

    5 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Material Trouble

    • Astrology: Mercury in Taurus
    • Chart Position: 0 Taurus to 10 Taurus
    • Dates: April 21st to April 30th
    • Qabalah: Geburah (Severity) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Spiritual Awareness. Renewed Faith. Independence. Survival Skills.
    • Negative Keywords: Loss. Frustration. Worry. Misfortune.
    • Affirmation: I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me. My faith in myself and the universe liberates me and enriches my life.

    6 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Material Success

    • Astrology: Moon in Taurus
    • Chart Position: 10 Taurus to 20 Taurus
    • Dates: May 1st to May 10th
    • Qabalah: Tiphareth (Beauty) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Success. Generosity. Gratitude. Profits.
    • Negative Keywords: Disparity in Power. Shortchanged. Codependence. Bad Debts
    • Affirmation: My good now flows freely. Divine ideas express through me. I am at peace.

    7 of Pentacles

Lord of Success Unfulfilled

    • Astrology: Saturn in Taurus
    • Chart Position: 20 Taurus to 30 Taurus
    • Dates: May 11th to May 20th
    • Qabalah: Netzach (Victory) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Reevaluation. Patience. Persistence. Planning.
    • Negative Keywords: Failure. Depression. Demoralization. Self-Pity.
    • Affirmation: It is my birthright to have my needs met. I now ask for what I want with love and with ease.

    8 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Prudence

    • Astrology: Sun in Virgo
    • Chart Position: 0 Virgo to 10 Virgo
    • Dates: August 23rd to September 1st
    • Qabalah: Hod (Splendor) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Talent. Dedication. Apprenticeship. Financial Caution.
    • Negative Keywords: Fraudulence. Poor Quality. All Work and No Play. Self-Criticism.
    • Affirmation: My talents are a gift from the universe; how I apply them is my gift to the universe.

    9 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Material Gain

    • Astrology: Venus in Virgo
    • Chart Position: 10 Virgo to 20 Virgo
    • Dates: September 2nd to September 11th
    • Qabalah: Yesod (Foundation) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Prosperity. Good-Fortune.  Protection. Self-Mastery.
    • Negative Keywords: Entrapment. Loneliness. Incompleteness. Self-Indulgence.
    • Affirmation: I release and dissolve the past. I am a clear thinker. I live in the now in peace and in joy.

    10 of Pentacles - Fenestra Tarot

Lord of Wealth

    • Astrology: Mercury in Virgo
    • Chart Position: 20 Virgo to 30 Virgo
    • Dates: September 12th to September 22nd
    • Qabalah: Malkuth (Kingdom) in Assiah (Body)
    • Positive Keywords: Tradition. Comfort. Abundance. Inheritance.
    • Negative Keywords: Family Troubles. Suffocating Traditions. Dependence.  Excessive Materialism.
    • Affirmation: I am free to enjoy the pleasures of life. I release all pressures and burdens. Life flows freely through me and I live in the joyous present.

All images are taken from the Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya Hemharnvibul. Please click HERE to purchase a copy of this brilliant, evocative and stunningly beautiful deck!

Love and Blessings


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Meryl Streep


Birth Name: Mary Louise Streep

Date of Birth: June 22nd 1949

Time of Birth: 8:05 a.m.

Birth Location: Summit, New Jersey, USA

Sun Sign: Cancer 0º43’

Moon Sign: Taurus 14º24’

Rising Sign: Leo 2º44’


Considered by many movie reviewers to be the greatest living film actress, Meryl Streep has been nominated for the Academy Award an astonishing 15 times, and has won it twice. Born Mary Louise Streep in 1949 in Summit, New Jersey, Meryl’s early performing ambitions leaned toward the opera. She became interested in acting while a student at Vassar and upon graduation she enrolled in the Yale School of Drama. She gave an outstanding performance in her first film role, Julia (1977), and the next year she was nominated for her first Oscar for her role in The Deer Hunter (1978). She went on to win the Academy Award for her performances in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and Sophie’s Choice (1982), in which she gave a heart-wrenching portrayal of an inmate mother in a Nazi death camp.

A perfectionist in her craft and meticulous and painstaking in her preparation for her roles, Meryl turned out a string of highly acclaimed performances over the next 10 years in great films like Silkwood (1983); Out of Africa (1985); Ironweed (1987); and Evil Angels (1988). Her career declined slightly in the early 1990s as a result of her inability to find suitable parts, but she shot back to the top in 1995 with her performance as Clint Eastwood’s married lover in The Bridges of Madison County (1995) and as the prodigal daughter in Marvin’s Room (1996). In 1998 she made her first venture into the area of producing, and was the executive producer for the moving …First Do No Harm (1997) (TV). A realist when she talks about her future years in film, she remarked that “…no matter what happens, my work will stand…”


Personality Card: The Lovers

Soul Card: The Lovers

The personality card indicates our life purpose, aspirations, and lessons to be learned. The soul card on the other hand indicates our soul’s purpose and qualities that will assist us. In Meryl’s case, her personality and soul cards are the same, and thus indicate that in her present lifetime she is specifically working on her soul purpose – thus making her more focused and directed.

It’s no wonder Meryl is such a versatile actress. The Lovers is represented by the sign of Gemini, which among other things rules, communication and expression, mimicry, versatility, intellect, and wit. Meryl’s claim to fame is that not only can she seamlessly fit into any role that she plays, but her ability to master accents is known to be flawless. Committed to her craft, Meryl is known to always research her roles out, and often gets into the ‘soul’ of her characters. Unlike most actors who merely enact the characters they portray on screen, Meryl embodies them on a body, mind, and soul level. So much so, that she loses herself completely into the character, leaving the audience believing that Meryl isn’t acting, but actually IS the person she is portraying.

To quote Cameron from the sitcom Modern Family… “… Meryl Streep can play batman and be the right choice. She’s perfection, whether she’s divorcing Kramer, whether she’s wearing Prada; don’t even get me started with Sophie’s Choice…”

What’s her secret? She uses music, most often Classical, to get into character. Yes, Meryl has always said how important the art of ‘listening’ is towards improving her craft as an actress.

“Listening is everything. Listening is the whole deal. That’s what I think. And I mean that in terms of before you work, after you work, in between work, with your children, with your husband, with your friends, with your mother, with your father. It’s everything. And it’s where you learn everything.”

And like her range as an actress, Meryl possesses numerous creative talents (another indication of a Lover’s Soul). Along with being a formidable actress, she is also a singer – took opera singing lessons since the age of 12; a natural chef that makes food from scratch without the help of recipes – rumor has it she created an apple pie for her husband from scratch right from the top of her head as a means of seducing him (she can’t replicate how she did it). With a mind so open and willing to learn, Meryl mastered how to play a violin for her role in Music of the Heart by practicing 6 hours a day for 8 weeks.

However, like the Lovers, there are two completely different sides to Meryl. Her public persona, which is celebrated by the world, is the one all of us get to see of her, and  her private persona, which nobody but her closest friends and family ever get to see and experience being with. Meryl is one of the few Hollywood stars that have always managed to keep their private life – private. In a world of paparazzi stalkers and fame-whoring celebutants, Meryl has always maintained an air of dignity and grace, refusing to let the press and the outside world invade her private space.

How many of us know that she has been married to American sculptor, Don Grummer, for over 30 years (a rare feat in Hollywood marriages), and has 4 children? One of them (Mamie Grummer) is a stage/film actress and has even stared in a couple of movies with Meryl herself. So much so, that she does her own grocery shopping and ironing, and signs her supermarket checks with her birth name.

“There’s no road map on how to raise a family: it’s always an enormous negotiation. But I have a holistic need to work and to have huge ties of love in my life. I can’t imagine eschewing one for the other.”

An important aspect of Meryl being a ‘Lovers Soul’ is her love and devotion to her husband and her family. The ‘Lovers Soul’ knows the value of relations within their lives, as well as, the need to turn to the person we love for help in resolving problems and making ‘choices’ within our lives. Meryl has always managed to maintain a fine balance between her career and her role as a mother. Always known to attend virtually every PTA meeting and landmark event in her children’s life, Meryl has always remained an active member within her family.

“I think I was wired for family. You know how they say people are wired for religion, or wired for this or that? I always knew I would like to, if I could find the right person, have a family. I can’t imagine living single.”


Hidden Factor Card: The Devil

The Hidden Factor Card indicates the qualities we fear, reject, or don’t see that can become our greatest strengths. Also known as the Shadow Card, it refers to unknown or little-recognized parts of the personality. These are aspects of ourselves that we deny, and thus cannot see directly.

The Devil as a hidden factor card tends to limit our vision, and at times, blocks reality from our view. It makes us unable to enjoy life for what it is, and makes it all the more hard for us to find the path of happiness.

In the case of Meryl, The Devil has played quite a major role in her work life (as Capricorn – the sign of career and status – is where her 6th House – the house of service and work – falls within her astrological chart). This is why, despite being one of the finest actresses of our time, Meryl has had to face numerous struggles in her path (even till today).

“When I was 20 I busked to afford accommodation. One night I hadn’t earned enough, I actually slept in the open in Green Park [in London]”

With Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) in Meryl’s first house, indicates that on numerous occasions, Meryl has had to face her ‘shadow’ and learn how to embrace her biggest fears and short comings in order to learn to cope with it through her incredible self-discipline, and maintaining both feet firmly on the ground through immense humility.

“I try to lead as ordinary a life as I can. You can’t get spoiled if you do your own ironing.”

Unlike most actresses, who become famous merely because they are beautiful, or have a perfect 10 body, Meryl always relied on her talent. A true actress to the core, Meryl believed that at the end of the day, it’s her performance and her ability to win the audience over that counts, not how pretty she looks in a certain angle. This has lead Meryl to experiment with roles that not only required a strong female voice, but also allowed her to tap into her inner-chameleon and morph into characters that are far from conventional beauty (Julia Child, The Rabbi in Angels in America, Karen Silkwood, etc).

“I’m looking forward to bigger parts in the future, but I’m not doing soft-core scripts where the character emerges in half-light, half-dressed.”

However, with Saturn in the first house (the house of appearances) shows that it wasn’t always easy for Meryl to be comfortable with her physical beauty. This is one of the major aspects of her ‘shadow’ that she’s had to embrace growing up in order to get over her insecurities and pave ahead in her life. Despite having a very prominent deviated septum, Meryl refused to have it fixed, insisting that it was a major part of who she is, and the directors and cinematographers could do whatever they wanted to ‘mask’ it. Such confidence though commendable, has only come after years of insecurity being healed through embracing the shadow.

“My daughters had helped me to stop worrying about my appearance over the years. I wasted so many years thinking I wasn’t pretty enough and why didn’t I have Jessica Lange’s body or someone else’s legs? What a waste of time.”

Saturn in the first house, with Capricorn/Devil as the shadow also plays a vital role in humbling a person. Despite her numerous achievements, Meryl has never really allowed it to get to her head.

“I get nervous calling myself an artist. I feel I’m more like an interpreter or a violinist, you know.”

Even though she had her first movie role in her late twenties (when most actresses do so in their late teens and early twenties), Meryl’s sheer talent and brilliance as an actress was instantly recognized, making her one of the few thespians to win not just one, but two Oscars within the first 5 years of their career. Saturn and the Devil to make one wait, but they always reward patience and dedication.

However, despite being one of the most formidable actresses, critics weren’t satisfied, claiming that all Meryl could do is drama and tear-jerking movies. Some even went on to accuse her of just being a drama queen that got off on depressing people. Those critics were then silenced when Meryl starred in the cult comedic classic, She Devil, as well as, the critically acclaimed, Postcards from the Edge.

“I love doing comedy, but people just don’t give me enough of a chance.”

During the nineties, Meryl then experienced a major career slump. Despite already have proven herself to be a versatile actress, nobody was willing to hire her. It was almost like audiences had had enough of Meryl Streep, thus leaving her to settle for mediocre roles in mediocre movies that did nothing for her.

“Someone once said that sometimes studio heads don’t want to cast films with the image of their first wife in the role. It’s just rather unpleasant for them. So they like the idea of the new one.”

During her slump in the nineties, she won critical acclaim for The Bridges of Madison County and Marvin’s Room, but it wasn’t enough to pull her out of it. She commanded a meager $3 million per movie, which in Hollywood terms is peanuts, considering actors of lesser caliber demand 10 times more than that, just because they draw in big money at the box office. This is another prime example of how The Devil manifested as her shadow within the 6th House of ‘employment’.

However, her steely determination and iron-will kept her at it, and by the end of the millennium, she starred in the critically acclaimed Music of the Heart, which was the beginning of a new career path for her. Famed movie critic, Roger Ebert wrote, “Meryl Streep is known for her mastery of accents; she may be the most versatile speaker in the movies. Here you might think she has no accent, unless you’ve heard her real speaking voice; then you realize that Guaspari’s speaking style is no less a particular achievement than Streep’s other accents. This is not Streep’s voice, but someone else’s – with a certain flat quality, as if later education and refinement came after a somewhat unsophisticated childhood.”

Meryl Streep as the Rabbi - One of her 4 Roles in Angels in America

As the millennium turned, Meryl’s career was at full swing. Being nominated for roles in critically and commercially successful movies like The Hours and Adaptation, Meryl took on one of her most challenging projects, “Angels in America”. Here, she had to play four very different, very unique characters, including the ghost of a communist spy, and a aged male Rabbi. Her incredible performance led her to win Best Actress in a Miniseries/TV Move Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actor’s Guild Award.

“You know, there are–there are some days when I myself think I’m overrated, but not today.” (When accepting Emmy for “Angels in America).

Even though the American Film Institute awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, Meryl has continued working till this very day. In fact, some of her greatest movies, namely Julie & Julia, Mamma Mia, Doubt, and the iconic, The Devil Wears Prada, came out much after winning a Lifetime Achievement Award. And it is only after The Devil Wears Prada, did Meryl increase her fee to $5 Million per movie (which personally is too less for someone as brilliant as her, but I guess that’s another manifestation of the Devil as her shadow).

“I don’t want to spit in the eye of good fortune, but it was weird. I felt like I’d butted in line in front of Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn. Hello? How did this happen? I was only the sixth woman to receive it, but they found 26 men to give it to. I thought that was embarrassing.” [on her Lifetime Achievement Award from the AFI]


Blessings and Lessons from the Universe

As we know, Meryl is a Lovers Soul, thus we turn to the 6’s of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot to discover her Blessings and Lessons from the Universe.

6 of Wands:

6 of Wands

Well, Meryl definitely has her share of ‘laurels’! 2 Oscars, 6 Golden Globes, 2 Emmy’s, 9 People’s Choice Awards, 2 SAG Awards, and a whole host of other critical appreciation awards including a BAFTA, an American Movie Award, and a Theater World Award. Along with an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, An honorary César Award, named an Officer of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and a ‘star’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Her dedication truly pays off, and more than this incredible list of awards and accolades, her true recognition comes from her millions of loyal fans who lovingly call themselves ‘Streepers’. However, true to her humble self, Meryl never ever allows any of it to get to her head. She always remains grounded and is forever grateful and graciously accepts every honor and tribute.

“I hate the [Oscar] campaigning thing. It’s unseemly. You should be honored for something. It shouldn’t be for whose campaign was better.”

6 of Cups

6 of Cups:

Being a Cancer woman, her children are one of the biggest sources of strength and support. Meryl often credited her family being her prime inspiration and where she gets her will to perform. One of her biggest lessons within this lifetime is to balance her career with her family, being able to be committed to her craft, as well as, be an active mother, and playing a constant and active role within her family. Very few people are able to achieve this balance, but Meryl seems to have done so seamlessly. Only she would know how hard it must have been to do so, but she would never let anyone know.

“Every single decision I make about what material I do, what I’m putting out in the world, is because of my children.”

6 of Swords

6 of Swords:

A trooper to the core, Meryl has always sailed through her life without ever looking back. From her struggles as a young actress, to making critics eat their words by delivering power-performance after power-performance, as well as, resurrecting her career from an almost decade-long career slump, Meryl seems to have navigated through her life. Perhaps this is attributed to her learning how to channel her emotions by detaching from the things that don’t matter, towards the things that truly do (her family and her love for the craft of acting). It’s obviously a hard lesson for Meryl, considering she is a Cancer, the sign of heightened emotions among other things, but she learned it delligently as she sailed through the tough times. Her brilliant mind and her love for learning and experimenting, and her penchant for pushing the envelope and expanding her horizons as an actress played an important role in her overall evolution as one of the greatest actresses of all time – Past, Present, and Future.

“It’s a lesson I learned in drama school: the teacher asks, how do you be the queen? And everybody says, ‘Oh it’s about posture and authority.’ And they said, no, it’s about how the air in the room shifts when you walk in. And that’s everyone else’s work.”

6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles:

This perhaps is one of the most vital blessings and lessons. Primarily because this card is Moon in Taurus, and Meryl’s Moon Sign is Taurus in her astrological birth chart. And her Taurus Moon can be found within her 10th House of Status, Achievement, and Glory. Called the card of ‘Success’ this has truly brought it’s share of blessings into Meryl’s life. However, this is also the card of ‘Charity’, and Meryl is one of the most philanthropic thespians in the world. Among the many causes Meryl actively supports are – Stand Up for Cancer; Healthy Child Healthy World; Elton John AIDS Foundation; AIDS Project Los Angeles; The Academy of American Poets; Americans for the Arts; Big Sisters LA; Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School; the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation; Equality Now; Mothers & Others; National Endowments for the Arts; The Pediatric AIDS Foundation; Stolen Childhoods. As we can see, her strong Lunar, and Cancer aspects of her chart in a way influence the nature of the charities. Nevertheless, her devotion to them is admirable and truly self-less.

“In 1938, an entertainer named Eddie Cantor got on the radio and asked every citizen to send 10 cents to a new charity devoted to curing Polio. So began the March of Dimes. Nobody knows whose dime put the effort over the top and made the vaccines that stopped Polio possible, but somebody did. We often tell ourselves that the problems we face with Cancer are too great, that one person alone can’t make a difference. But we can. We don’t know who will donate the crucial dollar that finally makes it possible to END CANCER. Maybe it’s you.”


Destiny Cards:

Based on the position of her Sun, Moon, and Rising signs within her astrological birth chart, we can discover her Destiny Cards, i.e. those cards which showcase three primary aspects of her destiny, as designed by the universe upon her birth.

Sun Sign: Cancer 0º43’: 2 of Cups

2 of Cups

With the Two of Cups as her destiny card based on her Sun Sign, Meryl was destined to meet her twin-soul in the form of Don Gummer within her current incarnation. This is also strengthened by the face that within her birth chart, her Venus sign is Cancer (2 of Cups is astrologically linked to Venus in Cancer). However, the journey towards finding her twin-soul was a difficult and heartbreaking one. Before she met Don, Meryl was in love with her co-star from The Deer Hunter – John Cazale. Meryl and John had a wild passionate romance, and they were even engaged to be married. Unfortunately before they could get married, John was diagnosed with bone cancer. Meryl spent many months in the hospital by John’s side, taking care of him, making sure she could do everything she possibly could to make his remaining days peaceful and beautiful.

You see, Meryl’s Venus though in Cancer, is also in the 12th astrological house of sorrows. And those with Venus in the 12th often have to learn painful lessons of sacrifice and selflessness in order to be blessed with happiness. Meryl’s selfless devotion to John Cazale during his final days, in a way earned her a karmic blessing, and thus within 6 months of John’s passing – 6 painful months where Meryl tried her best to heal – she met Don Grummer, and it was then they instantly recognized they were meant to be together.

Another aspect of Meryl’s 12th House Venus is that she would always insist her personal life be far from public scrutiny. And as discussed above, she has done a tremendous job of not only keeping the media out of her personal life, but she has also had one of the steadiest, stable, and loving marriages in Hollywood. Meryl and Don have been together for over thirty years, and they are more in love with each other than ever.

“I don’t know what I’d do without my husband. I’d be dead, emotionally at least, if I hadn’t met him. He’s the greatest.”

Beyond the romantic/spiritual love Meryl shares for her husband, Meryl has a deep love for her craft. Acting is something Meryl simply loves. Even though she effortlessly throws people off with her self depreciative sense of humor, her love and passion for her craft is legendary. In fact, it’s so powerful, that it exudes from her, and permeates throughout the entire cast and crew. After all, the 12th house is also the house of imagination, fantasy, and dreams – some of the key ingredients required from any good actor and artist.

“Directing Meryl Streep is much like falling in love; it has the characteristics of a time that you remember as magical and creative, but which is shrouded in mystery.” –Mike Nichols

Moon Sign: Taurus 14º24’: 6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

As mentioned earlier, Meryl’s natal Moon sign is Taurus. So in a way, she embodies the destiny as depicted by the 6 of Pentacles. We have seen her charitable side above, but an important aspect of this card is the concept of ‘give-and-take’. And this aspect is clearly evident within her career – as her moon is found within her 10th House of Vocation. This placement indicates that Meryl’s feelings, instinctive nature will find expression through a strong emotional commitment to public and professional life. Thus, Meryl was born to act! Acting is what keeps her grounded and what enables her to channel her abilities and talents freely. And Meryl is a generous actress. One, who always relies on her co-stars and directors to bring out her performance, and through herself, inspires her co-stars and directors to bring out their best work.

“Weeks before we begin shooting, the company starts to get together. And whoever is playing her lover is in love with her. Whoever is playing the villain is a little scared of her. Whoever is playing her best friend is her best friend. She shifts her soul slightly and changes the chemistry of all the relationships”. -Mike Nichols

The Moon in Taurus in the Tenth also adds onto her ability to shape-shift and seamlessly embody every character she plays. As well as, allowing her to be stubborn about upholding her very high standards to the quality of her work.

“I really, really depend on the other actors for the confirmation of who I think I am. And so it’s important to me to work with good people that are not worried about how they look. You know. Real actors. They’re your blood.”

Rising Sign: Leo 2º44’: 5 of Wands

5 of Wands

One of the hardest and most prominent aspects of Meryl’s destiny is learning to deal with competition, as well as, dealing with the numerous injustices that are levied upon her throughout her career. Be it critics that have always done their best to bring her down ever since she began working in films, as they didn’t like the idea of a powerful, intense, actress that relied more on her talent than her physical appearance. Be it the difficulty she faces in finding roles that are challenging enough to inspire her to give her best (especially during her career slump during the nineties). Be it even the fact that despite being one of the most famous and talented actress of her generation (past and future as well), Meryl has never really been given her due credit, as she still charges one of the lowest salaries as compared to her peers. After all, in a world where Cameron Diaz earns $20 million per movie for being her usual perky blonde self, Meryl has to settle for just $5 million. Odd right? Well, that’s Hollywood for ya.

“It’s hard to negotiate the present landscape with a brain and a female body.”

And to add further, even though Meryl has won every major award in movie history, there have been numerous times she has been snubbed over and over, in favor of another actress. With over 15 Oscar nominations, she has only won two. Perhaps the academy deems it unfair to award her too many as they believe in giving other actresses a shot at winning, but in many cases, where Meryl deserved to win the Oscar, she lost it to someone else. Perhaps the constant losses, help keep Meryl grounded and focused to keep on ‘striving’ for excellence. After all, she did have a major career slump after 2 Oscars. But still, in my personal and most humble opinion – Meryl deserves every Oscar she has been nominated for!



To summarize, I would like to quote excerpt from the Telluride Film Festival’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Tribute to Meryl, at which she was awarded their prestigious Silver Medallion…

“Meryl has become known as a chameleon, a shape-shifter. . .
an appropriate icon for a postmodern, fractured, increasingly global age.
Her gift for characterization, perhaps unrivaled in the American cinema,
has been linked to her uncanny knack for accents,
but Streep’s talent for inhabiting characters resides in a more primal place.
Joseph Papp once called Streep one of the few true actors he had met;
her capacity to grasp and communicate complex psychological truths is remarkable.”

I hope you all have enjoyed my Celebrity Tarot Profile on Meryl Streep.

Love and Blessings


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~ “There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind, and there is nothing so obedient as a disciplined mind.” ~

–Gautama  Buddha

The Suit of Swords is associated with the element of Air. Swords represent the qualities necessary to survive the constant struggles we face in life. It also is a suit of mental energies, reason, logic, and judgment – all things that stand separate and distinct from our emotions. A desire for truth and a need for discrimination and intellectual analysis are often indicated by this suit. Within a reading, an excess of Swords could represent things like detachment, emotional-coldness, anxiety, restlessness; as well as, insomnia, hyper-metabolism, and insensitivity. A lack or absence of Swords could represent listlessness, fatigue, dullness, stagnation, blocked communication, as well as, an inability to express oneself.

The following are a list of keywords for the suit of Swords. These keywords are not to be relied on as crutches, but as creative springboards for us to develop our own interpretation and understanding of not just each card, but the suit of Cups on its whole.


    • Alternative Titles: Blades, Spades, Knives, Scimitars, Arrows, Feathers.
    • Element: Air
    • Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.
    • Planets: Mercury, Uranus.
    • Style: Storming, Freezing, Striving, Communicating, Cutting, Confronting
    • Jungian Function: Thinking
    • Colors: Sky-Blue, Grey, White.
    • Season: Spring (some sources say autumn as it represents the sign of Libra)
    • Direction: East
    • Time of Day: Dawn
    • Feudal Class: Nobility, Warrior, and Political class.
    • Keywords: Strife. Tension. Conflict. Struggle. Communication. Travel. Powerful. Intelligence. Foresight. Boldness. Reason. Logic. Sarcasm. Threats. Legal Actions. Surgery. Cutting. Accidents. Justice. Truth. Detachments. Separations. Moving On. Mental Activity.



    Ace of Swords - Archeon Tarot

The Root of the Powers of Air

    • Astrology: The Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces Quadrant of the Zodiac.
    • Chart Position: 0 Capricorn to 30 Pisces
    • Dates: December 22nd to March 21st
    • Qabalah: Kether (Crown) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Power. Courage. Fresh Ideas. Authority
    • Negative Keywords: Threats. Sarcasm. Pessimism. Cynicism.
    • Affirmation: I am a channel of Divine Expression. It is my birthright to live life fully and communicate freely. I now take charge of my life.



    2 of Swords - Archeon Tarot

Lord of Peace Restored

    • Astrology: Moon in Libra
    • Chart Position: 0 Libra to 10 Libra
    • Dates: September  23rd to October 2nd
    • Qabalah: Chokmah (Wisdom) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Making Peace. Compromise. Equilibrium. Self-Protective.
    • Negative Keywords: Blocked Emotions. Uncertainty. Procrastination. Delays.
    • Affirmation: I am in perfect harmony and balance with myself and the world around me. I am safe and secure within my skin.



    3 of Swords - Archeon Tarot

Lord of Sorrow

    • Astrology: Saturn in Libra
    • Chart Position: 10 Libra to 20 Libra
    • Dates: October 2nd to October 12th
    • Qabalah: Binah (Understanding) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Recovery. Karmic Lessons. Wisdom from Pain. Coming to Terms.
    • Negative Keywords: Heartbreak. Disharmony. Rejection. Mourning.
    • Affirmation: I dissolve all past problems with ease. Only love is real.



    4 of Swords - The Archeon Tarot

Lord of Rest from Strife

    • Astrology: Jupiter in Libra
    • Chart Position: 20 Libra to 30 Libra
    • Dates: October 13th to October 22nd
    • Qabalah: Chesed (Mercy) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Recuperation. Introspection. Healing. Meditation.
    • Negative Keywords: Isolation. Discontent. Banishments. Detention.
    • Affirmation: This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.



    5 of Swords - The Archeon Tarot

Lord of Defeat

    • Astrology: Venus in Aquarius
    • Chart Position: 0 Aquarius to 10 Aquarius
    • Dates: January 20th to January 29th
    • Qabalah: Geburah (Severity) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Letting Go. End of Attacks. Treachery Revealed. Detachment from Negativity.
    • Negative Keywords: Malice. Ridicule. False Pride. Negativity.
    • Affirmation: It is safe for me to experience joy in every area of my life. I love life.



    6 of Swords - The Archeon Tarot

Lord of Earned Success

    • Astrology: Mercury in Aquarius
    • Chart Position: 10 Aquarius to 20 Aquarius
    • Dates: January 30th to February 8th
    • Qabalah: Tiphareth (Beauty) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Moving on. Smooth Sailing. Beneficial Changes. Travel.
    • Negative Keywords: Tentative. Fearful. Standstill. Postponements.
    • Affirmation: I open my heart and create only loving communication. I am safe. I am well.



    7 of Swords - The Archeon Tarot

Lord of Unstable Effort

    • Astrology: Moon in Aquarius
    • Chart Position: 20 Aquarius to 30 Aquarius
    • Dates: February 9th to February 18th
    • Qabalah: Netzach (Victory) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Apology. Constructive Criticism. Wit. ‘Coming Out’.
    • Negative Keywords: Guile. Thievery. Futility. Deception.
    • Affirmation: I am true to others. I am true to myself. I now lead a life of truth and authenticity. The truth sets me free.



    8 of Swords - The Archeon Tarot

Lord of Shortened Force

    • Astrology: Jupiter in Gemini
    • Chart Position: 0 Gemini to 10 Gemini
    • Dates: May 21st to May 31st
    • Qabalah: Hod (Splendor) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Transcending Destiny. Overcoming Obstacles through hard work. Release.
    • Negative Keywords: Interference. Entrapment. Blockage. Viscous Circle.
    • Affirmation: I have the capacity to take in the fullness of Life. I lovingly live life to the fullest.



    9 of Swords - The Archeon Tarot

Lord of Despair and Cruelty

    • Astrology: Mars in Gemini
    • Chart Position: 10 Gemini to 20 Gemini
    • Dates: June 1st to June 10th
    • Qabalah: Yesod (Foundation) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: Soul-Searching. Shadow-Work. Prayer. Mind-Healing.
    • Negative Keywords: Nightmares. Guilt. Suffering. Depression.
    • Affirmation: I declare peace and harmony within me and around me. All is well.



    10 of Swords - The Archeon Tarot

Lord of Ruin

    • Astrology: Sun in Gemini
    • Chart Position: 20 Gemini to 30 Gemini
    • Dates: June 11th to June 20th
    • Qabalah: Malkuth (Kingdom) in Yetzirah (Mind)
    • Positive Keywords: New Beginnings. Rebirth. Liberation. Silver-Lining.
    • Negative Keywords: Failure. Hitting Rock-Bottom. Affliction. Back-Stabbing
    • Affirmation: As I love and approve of myself, I create a joyful, peaceful world to live in.

All card images are from The Archeon Tarot by Tim Lantz. Pleace click HERE to purchase this hauntingly lovely deck.

Love and Blessings


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