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~ “Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it” ~

— Tori Amos

This spread, like most spreads that I create, came to me via a flash of inspiration. In this case, I was inspired by a wonderful blog posted by Oracle Speak, that struck a chord deep within my heart. I call this ‘The Healing Cross’ spread, primarily because like the traditional ‘Celtic Cross’ spread, this spread gets to the root of the issue with which we need healing, as well as, shows us the path we need to take in order to heal. The beauty about this spread is that unlike most healing spreads that are either based on a spiritual healing philosophy (the chakras, reiki, yoga, etc), this is spread is ‘universal’, and can be applied by anyone and everyone no matter what their philosophy regarding health is (or even reading style), and thus allowing us the liberty to interpret the positions in a way we feel best.




****** 7 ******

****** 6 ******

*** 4 **** 5 ***

****** 3 ******

****** 2 ******

****** 1 ******

CARD ONE: The Root cause of my issue.

CARD TWO: Why am I faced with such an issue within my life?

CARD THREE: What can I do to heal it?

CARD FOUR: What’s helping me heal it?

CARD FIVE: What’s the major obstacle in my path of healing?

CARD SIX: Advice and Guidance.

CARD SEVEN: The Result of my healing journey.




Now as some of you may already know, i’ve dealt with body-image  and weight issues throughout my entire life. Being born as ‘the fat kid’, I spent a good chunk of my life facing physical, mental, psychological abuse from the world around me, and most of all, from myself. As of August 2006, I weighed 333.96lbs, and well, after 3 years of working on myself, I now weigh 191 lbs. However, I still haven’t reached my goal weight, cause of those pesky last 20 odd lbs (the ones that never seem to go away no matter how much you work on it), and that has lead to numerous frustrations, and even breakdowns of sorts, causing me to binge and totally get demotivated from my path of healing. Plus with my own tendencies towards Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), I tend to become exceedingly critical and depressed with myself regarding my weight. So much so, that my inability to reach my ideal weight and acheive and ideal ‘fit body’ has become quite a crippling influence within my life. And thus, I decided to read on that.

CARD ONE: The Root of my Issue – The Emperor

The Emperor - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Gosh, talk about ‘Daddy Issues’! Could my issues with my weight be anymore Freudian? (LOL… just kidding). Well, in a way, I’ve always sought approval all my life; not only from my dad, but from other authority figures in the past. And since I’ve never really received the approval that I sought so desperately as a child, I’d end up doing things to self-sabotage my own progress in various areas of my life. In the case with my weight and other body issues – eat and eat all the more as a means of passive-aggressive rebellion.

Along with all that, now that I look at this card, it all has to do me not being able to take an ‘active’ control of my life. At the end of the day, this is MY body… this is MY life… if I’m not able to take an active responsibility for it, then who will? And well, come to think of it, in the past, I have behaved pretty irresponsibly with my body (and other aspects of my life) and on some occasions, I still do. I guess throughout the years I kept blaming everything else – from ‘daddy’, to childhood traumas and dramas, and a whole lot of other things – that I never really stopped to ask, ‘What am I doing about it?’

Plus, since the Emperor is also about ‘stability and structure’, I guess a whole part of my life is so structured on my issues with my weight and body, that perhaps on a subconscious level, I’m holding onto the extra weight (those last 20lbs that just refuse to go) because a part of me is scared on what will I base and structure my life about once I reach my ideal weight? Will there be no major life-goal after that? What will I strive for? What will I yearn to be?

Come to think of it… Isn’t that just silly of me?

I mean, imagine being so obsessed about trying to lose weight and get a fabulous physique, that once it happens, you’re like, ‘Now what do I do?’

Damn my Libra rising for making me so vain (and there I go, blaming away again – must stop the vicious cycle of blame and avoiding responsibility).

Speaking of Libra rising – that would make Aries (The Emperor) my descending sign; i.e. the sign that cusps my 7th Astrological house of relationships and partnerships. And looking back at the past, maybe my issues with my weight were a primal reason for majority of my relationship issues. A shaman friend once explained that relationships work only because both partners are willing to ‘give’ to each other and ‘share’ their lives together. And in my case, everything was so focused on me and my own issues, that there was no room for sharing (Aries is the sign of me-me-me), and hence I’ve come across men who were emotionally unavailable and had too many issues of their own as well, which brings us back to all the seeking daddy’s approval issues again.

In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve always sought after men who were ‘powerful’ and ‘strong’ and would just ‘take care of everything’ for me, while treating me like a princess. And isn’t that just me being unwilling to ‘take responsibility’ of my life?

I guess it’s high time that I start taking responsibility for not just my weight, but for my overall happiness and well being within my life. After all, if I’m not able to ‘take care’ of myself, who will?

CARD TWO: Why am I faced with such an issue within my life? – 6 of Wands

6 of Wands - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Well, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘to discover I have the strength to overcome it, as well as, anything else’. Now that I ponder about it further, my weight and body image issues have in a way paralyzed me from doing a whole lot of things within my life. I guess in a way, this card is also reminding me that more than anything, I need to believe that I’m not just capable of healing my weight and body issues, but I’m also have the ability to achieve everything I desire. Perhaps the weight and body is just the channel through which the Universe is helping me develop my strengths and abilities. And once I’ve managed to heal them, I’ll be all the more motivated and ‘pumped’ to take on any challenge life throws my way, and ‘ride through life’ with my head held high. So in a way, my ‘battle’ is merely the ‘training ground’ for me to discover and ‘develop’ my ‘light’, and once I’ve done that, I can shine my ‘light’ with joy and pride, and not be plagued by things like guilt, fear, or just plain old ‘irresponsibility’. And if we think about it, health (physical, mental, psychosomatic) should always be a prime concern, if we’re not able to take care of ourselves, how can we possibly take care of anything else? So once I’m able to take care of something as ‘basic’ as my body, I’ll feel all the more liberated and empowered to live life to the fullest.

CARD THREE: What can I do to heal it? – 3 of Coins

3 of Coins - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Going just by the ‘image’ of the card, take it nice and slow and ‘focus’! This is so fitting for me, because I’ve been through gawd knows how many fad diets n stuff. Not to mention, I go through these bouts where I work out like a dog, pushing myself further and further, and then just crash and burn and not even wanna wake up in the morning. Moderation has always been an alien concept whenever it’s come to my own personal goals. Plus this being a 3 (Empress) of Coins (Earth/Nurturing element), I gotta start learning to nurture and nourish my body with good ol fashioned TLC. So often I’m so quick to criticize and whine about it, that I’ve never really thanked or acknowledged the fact that despite all the things I put my body through, it’s always been good to me. If I truly wish to heal well, and heal wholly, I guess the most important thing for me to do is to be patient with myself along the process. I clearly have all the ‘tools’ to heal, now all I gotta do is apply them with love and patience! Easier said than done? Perhaps so, but hey, I need to start somewhere right?

CARD FOUR: What is helping me heal it? – The Magician

The Magician - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Wow! Well, when I have The Magician on my side, how can I not heal? After all, isn’t Magician ruled by Mercury, the planet of health and healing among other things? I guess this is again a reminder, that I already have all the skills and abilities to overcome my issues with my weight and other things, I just need to channel them in a productive and empowering manner. Along with that, most importantly, TALK about it. Communicating can truly be a powerful force in the healing process, for once we’re able to ‘voice’ our issues, only then can we identify them clearly, as well as, help our loved ones understand what we’re dealing with, and thus win their love and support. Bottling things up only tends to make things worse, but the more we are able to let things out, and express ourselves freely, the more we’re releasing so much pent up stress and angst that just eats us away to our core. I guess maybe this is why I’m being very candid in my interpretation of this spread. Hopefully my expressing such a deep issue that’s affected me throughout my life, I could gain some source of love and support from all of you who are reading, as well as, maybe even help others who are going through similar issues such as I find comfort that they are not alone, and that by expressing themselves, they’ll find the love and support they need to help them with their healing process.

CARD FIVE: What is the obstacle in my healing journey? – King of Wands

King of Wands - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Fucking Courts! (lol). Oy, trust a court card to appear here!

Well, now that I think of it, this card in a way could indicate my ‘daddy issues’, as highlighted by The Emperor (plus my dad is a fire sign – go figure) coming in up as obstacles. And boy, do they ever! Especially the bit with self-sabotaging my own progress out of the fear of not being able to handle life without obsessing about my weight and body. And since courts are also aspects of our own psyche, this card indicates that my falling back on the old destructive patterns would be quite a major hindrance in my healing journey. Furthermore, the King could also represent me having extremely high expectations of wanting to achieve the most ideal weight and the perfect 10 body. I so gotta be realistic, and remember that at the end of the day, my own personal health and well being is what matters, not some superficial ideal I try my best to live up to, only to end up losing more than what I bargained for (and not the weight). Also, my need to ‘rush’ through things and see ‘fast results’ would just end up being an obstacle rather than a boon to my healing journey.

CARD SIX: Advice – 6 of Coins

6 of Coins - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The minute I saw this card, for some reason, I was reminded of the song ‘No one is alone’ from the musical Into the Woods. I now realize that there are people who are willing to help me along the way, to give me the love and support I need, and that I don’t need to be alone in all of this. After all, I’m not the only person in the world with weight and body image issues. Only through sharing, can I not only relieve myself off all the burdens that are more or less self-imposed upon me, but also open myself to receiving a helping hand. And sometimes we can receive the help we need from the most surprising sources.

Along with that, I feel this card is also telling me to be more ‘balanced’ with myself. Taking extreme actions and drastic measures wouldn’t really help me, as they would only throw me off. Starving myself only to binge later on, or working out excessively only to crash and burn later; they just deter me away from my path, making it all the more hard for me to heal. As mentioned earlier, the key is to nurture and nourish myself with love, and lovingly encourage myself rather than be self-critical and exceedingly harsh. Since when does self-criticism ever get anything accomplished?

Furthermore, I just noticed that there is no ‘water’ in this entire spread. Come to think of it, I am mainly an emotional eater, and majority of my binges and other self-destructive habits arise due to various emotional triggers. And even though I’ve come across so many ‘Moon in Taurus’ people who are anything but ‘emotionally balanced’, I need to start becoming all the more ‘practical’ and not let my emotions get the better of me. Exercise plenty of self-discipline within my life, but not in a harsh manner. Self-discipline can be inculcated through loving and nurturing means. Just need to figure out how to do so.

And finally, and most importantly, I need to believe that I deserve this! I need to believe that I am worthy of having a healthy body, as well as, I am worthy of leading a healthy life. Only when I do believe this, can I allow myself to manifest it.

CARD SEVEN: Result of my Healing Journey – Ace of Coins

Ace of Coins - Legacy of the Divine Tarot

Wow! I guess there is hope for me after all. After all, the Ace is the spirit of the element of ‘earth’, which among other things, rules the body. If I’m being extremely optimistic, I would say this card would mean that I will achieve that perfect body I’ve only dreamed about. However, being a realistic Capricorn, I feel this card is saying that once I’ve managed to get over myself and taken full responsibility for my life (especially my weight and body issues), I will achieve a spiritual connection with my body like I never had before. I’d finally enjoy the body I was born with, and finally feel ‘connected’ with it, and most importantly, love it wholly. In a way, this would also indicate me being able to begin a new chapter in my life, where not only am I able to take active responsibility for every area of my life, but where I feel comfortable, nourished, and secure within myself, and not feel the need to seek validation or approval from anyone else. I’d finally be free to be me, and live my life to its fullest potential.

Extra Notes:-

If we check out the elemental balance of this spread, there is an excess of Fire and Earth elements along with a deficiency of Air and a complete absence of Water. The excess of Earth represent things like getting stuck in a rut, lack of stimulation, heaviness, sluggishness, and to some extent, even melancholy. The excess of Fire represent things like burnout,and stress due to excessive pressure. In a way, it’s a combination of the two that cause me to get demotivated along my healing journey. Like mentioned before, I go through bouts where I not only eat scarcely, but also work out excessively. And due to all the self-imposed pressure to be thin and have an ‘ideal body’, I ‘burn out’ and then get all sluggish and lazy, and binge feeling all the more heavy and ‘eh’ about myself and everything else. I try snapping out of it, but it’s like a constant cycle, which now I realize I need to get out of.

The deficiency of Air represents listlessness, fatigue, dullness, stagnation, blocked communication, as well as, an inability to express oneself. As mentioned in the reading, I need to learn how to communicate my issues, and just NOW, I realize that part of the reason I find it hard to ‘talk’ about it, is because I feel a deep sense of shame and guilt regarding my struggle. Why? Well, part of it could be that I was raised to believe it’s not the done thing to ‘air dirty laundry’, as well as, displaying vulnerability is a sign of weakness (all part of my ‘daddy issues as represented by The Emperor). I realize now that such thought patterns and belief systems are truly limiting me, as well as, blocking me all the more further from my own ability to heal. Along with all this, the absence of Water represents me being ever so harsh and critical with myself about every little mistake I make. I so need to relax and be easy with myself and learn to flow with life.

Numerically, the number 6 has appeared twice within the reading (6 of Wands and 6 of Coins). 6 being a number of Harmony and Balance, while Wands and Coins, represent Fire and Earth, the excessive elements within the reading. This clearly indicates a need for creating an ‘inner balance’ in all things ‘excess’ within my life. Also, in Ayurvedic Astrology, Venus (which is number 6 according to Chaldean numerology, and the ruler of my own astrological chart) represents the constitution of Kapha (Water +Air) – the elements that are absent within the spread. So in a way, the presence of the two 6’s represents a need for me to balance and harmonize all four elements within me – Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

End Note:

Not that I doubt the messages of the cards, nor do I have any qualms with the way I’ve interpreted them. But sometimes, the heart just wants a ‘confirmation’ of sorts from the Universe that we’ve ‘got’ the message it’s trying to give us through the cards.  Especially when an issue is so important and close to us, we just need that sense of affirmation! So in this case, I divine the Quint card, i.e., the Major Arcana card derived by adding all the numeric values of the cards. Since there is a ‘Court Card’ within the reading, I do not include a numerical value for it. Primarily because there are conflicting theories regarding the numeric value of a Court Card (one would make Kings 14, while the other would assign 2), and that would just end up confusing me all the more. So to make life simpler, I choose to follow the belief that courts are ‘beyond’ numeric values, and thus do not include them while calculating my Quit Card. (Yes, I promise in the future, I will post a complete post all about Quint Cards).

So in case of this reading, we have – The Emperor (4) + 6 of Wands (6) + 3 of Coins (3) + The Magician (1) + 6 of Coins (6) + Ace of Coins (1) = 4 + 6 +3 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 21 = The World. And well… A picture can speak a thousand words 🙂




The World - Legacy of the Divine Tarot




What could be a better ‘confirmation’ from the Universe than this?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the reading, and I hope The Healing Cross spread helps you as much as it has helped me.

Love and Blessings





All images are from the Legacy of Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti.

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Meryl Streep


Birth Name: Mary Louise Streep

Date of Birth: June 22nd 1949

Time of Birth: 8:05 a.m.

Birth Location: Summit, New Jersey, USA

Sun Sign: Cancer 0º43’

Moon Sign: Taurus 14º24’

Rising Sign: Leo 2º44’


Considered by many movie reviewers to be the greatest living film actress, Meryl Streep has been nominated for the Academy Award an astonishing 15 times, and has won it twice. Born Mary Louise Streep in 1949 in Summit, New Jersey, Meryl’s early performing ambitions leaned toward the opera. She became interested in acting while a student at Vassar and upon graduation she enrolled in the Yale School of Drama. She gave an outstanding performance in her first film role, Julia (1977), and the next year she was nominated for her first Oscar for her role in The Deer Hunter (1978). She went on to win the Academy Award for her performances in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and Sophie’s Choice (1982), in which she gave a heart-wrenching portrayal of an inmate mother in a Nazi death camp.

A perfectionist in her craft and meticulous and painstaking in her preparation for her roles, Meryl turned out a string of highly acclaimed performances over the next 10 years in great films like Silkwood (1983); Out of Africa (1985); Ironweed (1987); and Evil Angels (1988). Her career declined slightly in the early 1990s as a result of her inability to find suitable parts, but she shot back to the top in 1995 with her performance as Clint Eastwood’s married lover in The Bridges of Madison County (1995) and as the prodigal daughter in Marvin’s Room (1996). In 1998 she made her first venture into the area of producing, and was the executive producer for the moving …First Do No Harm (1997) (TV). A realist when she talks about her future years in film, she remarked that “…no matter what happens, my work will stand…”


Personality Card: The Lovers

Soul Card: The Lovers

The personality card indicates our life purpose, aspirations, and lessons to be learned. The soul card on the other hand indicates our soul’s purpose and qualities that will assist us. In Meryl’s case, her personality and soul cards are the same, and thus indicate that in her present lifetime she is specifically working on her soul purpose – thus making her more focused and directed.

It’s no wonder Meryl is such a versatile actress. The Lovers is represented by the sign of Gemini, which among other things rules, communication and expression, mimicry, versatility, intellect, and wit. Meryl’s claim to fame is that not only can she seamlessly fit into any role that she plays, but her ability to master accents is known to be flawless. Committed to her craft, Meryl is known to always research her roles out, and often gets into the ‘soul’ of her characters. Unlike most actors who merely enact the characters they portray on screen, Meryl embodies them on a body, mind, and soul level. So much so, that she loses herself completely into the character, leaving the audience believing that Meryl isn’t acting, but actually IS the person she is portraying.

To quote Cameron from the sitcom Modern Family… “… Meryl Streep can play batman and be the right choice. She’s perfection, whether she’s divorcing Kramer, whether she’s wearing Prada; don’t even get me started with Sophie’s Choice…”

What’s her secret? She uses music, most often Classical, to get into character. Yes, Meryl has always said how important the art of ‘listening’ is towards improving her craft as an actress.

“Listening is everything. Listening is the whole deal. That’s what I think. And I mean that in terms of before you work, after you work, in between work, with your children, with your husband, with your friends, with your mother, with your father. It’s everything. And it’s where you learn everything.”

And like her range as an actress, Meryl possesses numerous creative talents (another indication of a Lover’s Soul). Along with being a formidable actress, she is also a singer – took opera singing lessons since the age of 12; a natural chef that makes food from scratch without the help of recipes – rumor has it she created an apple pie for her husband from scratch right from the top of her head as a means of seducing him (she can’t replicate how she did it). With a mind so open and willing to learn, Meryl mastered how to play a violin for her role in Music of the Heart by practicing 6 hours a day for 8 weeks.

However, like the Lovers, there are two completely different sides to Meryl. Her public persona, which is celebrated by the world, is the one all of us get to see of her, and  her private persona, which nobody but her closest friends and family ever get to see and experience being with. Meryl is one of the few Hollywood stars that have always managed to keep their private life – private. In a world of paparazzi stalkers and fame-whoring celebutants, Meryl has always maintained an air of dignity and grace, refusing to let the press and the outside world invade her private space.

How many of us know that she has been married to American sculptor, Don Grummer, for over 30 years (a rare feat in Hollywood marriages), and has 4 children? One of them (Mamie Grummer) is a stage/film actress and has even stared in a couple of movies with Meryl herself. So much so, that she does her own grocery shopping and ironing, and signs her supermarket checks with her birth name.

“There’s no road map on how to raise a family: it’s always an enormous negotiation. But I have a holistic need to work and to have huge ties of love in my life. I can’t imagine eschewing one for the other.”

An important aspect of Meryl being a ‘Lovers Soul’ is her love and devotion to her husband and her family. The ‘Lovers Soul’ knows the value of relations within their lives, as well as, the need to turn to the person we love for help in resolving problems and making ‘choices’ within our lives. Meryl has always managed to maintain a fine balance between her career and her role as a mother. Always known to attend virtually every PTA meeting and landmark event in her children’s life, Meryl has always remained an active member within her family.

“I think I was wired for family. You know how they say people are wired for religion, or wired for this or that? I always knew I would like to, if I could find the right person, have a family. I can’t imagine living single.”


Hidden Factor Card: The Devil

The Hidden Factor Card indicates the qualities we fear, reject, or don’t see that can become our greatest strengths. Also known as the Shadow Card, it refers to unknown or little-recognized parts of the personality. These are aspects of ourselves that we deny, and thus cannot see directly.

The Devil as a hidden factor card tends to limit our vision, and at times, blocks reality from our view. It makes us unable to enjoy life for what it is, and makes it all the more hard for us to find the path of happiness.

In the case of Meryl, The Devil has played quite a major role in her work life (as Capricorn – the sign of career and status – is where her 6th House – the house of service and work – falls within her astrological chart). This is why, despite being one of the finest actresses of our time, Meryl has had to face numerous struggles in her path (even till today).

“When I was 20 I busked to afford accommodation. One night I hadn’t earned enough, I actually slept in the open in Green Park [in London]”

With Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) in Meryl’s first house, indicates that on numerous occasions, Meryl has had to face her ‘shadow’ and learn how to embrace her biggest fears and short comings in order to learn to cope with it through her incredible self-discipline, and maintaining both feet firmly on the ground through immense humility.

“I try to lead as ordinary a life as I can. You can’t get spoiled if you do your own ironing.”

Unlike most actresses, who become famous merely because they are beautiful, or have a perfect 10 body, Meryl always relied on her talent. A true actress to the core, Meryl believed that at the end of the day, it’s her performance and her ability to win the audience over that counts, not how pretty she looks in a certain angle. This has lead Meryl to experiment with roles that not only required a strong female voice, but also allowed her to tap into her inner-chameleon and morph into characters that are far from conventional beauty (Julia Child, The Rabbi in Angels in America, Karen Silkwood, etc).

“I’m looking forward to bigger parts in the future, but I’m not doing soft-core scripts where the character emerges in half-light, half-dressed.”

However, with Saturn in the first house (the house of appearances) shows that it wasn’t always easy for Meryl to be comfortable with her physical beauty. This is one of the major aspects of her ‘shadow’ that she’s had to embrace growing up in order to get over her insecurities and pave ahead in her life. Despite having a very prominent deviated septum, Meryl refused to have it fixed, insisting that it was a major part of who she is, and the directors and cinematographers could do whatever they wanted to ‘mask’ it. Such confidence though commendable, has only come after years of insecurity being healed through embracing the shadow.

“My daughters had helped me to stop worrying about my appearance over the years. I wasted so many years thinking I wasn’t pretty enough and why didn’t I have Jessica Lange’s body or someone else’s legs? What a waste of time.”

Saturn in the first house, with Capricorn/Devil as the shadow also plays a vital role in humbling a person. Despite her numerous achievements, Meryl has never really allowed it to get to her head.

“I get nervous calling myself an artist. I feel I’m more like an interpreter or a violinist, you know.”

Even though she had her first movie role in her late twenties (when most actresses do so in their late teens and early twenties), Meryl’s sheer talent and brilliance as an actress was instantly recognized, making her one of the few thespians to win not just one, but two Oscars within the first 5 years of their career. Saturn and the Devil to make one wait, but they always reward patience and dedication.

However, despite being one of the most formidable actresses, critics weren’t satisfied, claiming that all Meryl could do is drama and tear-jerking movies. Some even went on to accuse her of just being a drama queen that got off on depressing people. Those critics were then silenced when Meryl starred in the cult comedic classic, She Devil, as well as, the critically acclaimed, Postcards from the Edge.

“I love doing comedy, but people just don’t give me enough of a chance.”

During the nineties, Meryl then experienced a major career slump. Despite already have proven herself to be a versatile actress, nobody was willing to hire her. It was almost like audiences had had enough of Meryl Streep, thus leaving her to settle for mediocre roles in mediocre movies that did nothing for her.

“Someone once said that sometimes studio heads don’t want to cast films with the image of their first wife in the role. It’s just rather unpleasant for them. So they like the idea of the new one.”

During her slump in the nineties, she won critical acclaim for The Bridges of Madison County and Marvin’s Room, but it wasn’t enough to pull her out of it. She commanded a meager $3 million per movie, which in Hollywood terms is peanuts, considering actors of lesser caliber demand 10 times more than that, just because they draw in big money at the box office. This is another prime example of how The Devil manifested as her shadow within the 6th House of ‘employment’.

However, her steely determination and iron-will kept her at it, and by the end of the millennium, she starred in the critically acclaimed Music of the Heart, which was the beginning of a new career path for her. Famed movie critic, Roger Ebert wrote, “Meryl Streep is known for her mastery of accents; she may be the most versatile speaker in the movies. Here you might think she has no accent, unless you’ve heard her real speaking voice; then you realize that Guaspari’s speaking style is no less a particular achievement than Streep’s other accents. This is not Streep’s voice, but someone else’s – with a certain flat quality, as if later education and refinement came after a somewhat unsophisticated childhood.”

Meryl Streep as the Rabbi - One of her 4 Roles in Angels in America

As the millennium turned, Meryl’s career was at full swing. Being nominated for roles in critically and commercially successful movies like The Hours and Adaptation, Meryl took on one of her most challenging projects, “Angels in America”. Here, she had to play four very different, very unique characters, including the ghost of a communist spy, and a aged male Rabbi. Her incredible performance led her to win Best Actress in a Miniseries/TV Move Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actor’s Guild Award.

“You know, there are–there are some days when I myself think I’m overrated, but not today.” (When accepting Emmy for “Angels in America).

Even though the American Film Institute awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004, Meryl has continued working till this very day. In fact, some of her greatest movies, namely Julie & Julia, Mamma Mia, Doubt, and the iconic, The Devil Wears Prada, came out much after winning a Lifetime Achievement Award. And it is only after The Devil Wears Prada, did Meryl increase her fee to $5 Million per movie (which personally is too less for someone as brilliant as her, but I guess that’s another manifestation of the Devil as her shadow).

“I don’t want to spit in the eye of good fortune, but it was weird. I felt like I’d butted in line in front of Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn. Hello? How did this happen? I was only the sixth woman to receive it, but they found 26 men to give it to. I thought that was embarrassing.” [on her Lifetime Achievement Award from the AFI]


Blessings and Lessons from the Universe

As we know, Meryl is a Lovers Soul, thus we turn to the 6’s of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot to discover her Blessings and Lessons from the Universe.

6 of Wands:

6 of Wands

Well, Meryl definitely has her share of ‘laurels’! 2 Oscars, 6 Golden Globes, 2 Emmy’s, 9 People’s Choice Awards, 2 SAG Awards, and a whole host of other critical appreciation awards including a BAFTA, an American Movie Award, and a Theater World Award. Along with an AFI Lifetime Achievement Award, An honorary César Award, named an Officer of the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and a ‘star’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Her dedication truly pays off, and more than this incredible list of awards and accolades, her true recognition comes from her millions of loyal fans who lovingly call themselves ‘Streepers’. However, true to her humble self, Meryl never ever allows any of it to get to her head. She always remains grounded and is forever grateful and graciously accepts every honor and tribute.

“I hate the [Oscar] campaigning thing. It’s unseemly. You should be honored for something. It shouldn’t be for whose campaign was better.”

6 of Cups

6 of Cups:

Being a Cancer woman, her children are one of the biggest sources of strength and support. Meryl often credited her family being her prime inspiration and where she gets her will to perform. One of her biggest lessons within this lifetime is to balance her career with her family, being able to be committed to her craft, as well as, be an active mother, and playing a constant and active role within her family. Very few people are able to achieve this balance, but Meryl seems to have done so seamlessly. Only she would know how hard it must have been to do so, but she would never let anyone know.

“Every single decision I make about what material I do, what I’m putting out in the world, is because of my children.”

6 of Swords

6 of Swords:

A trooper to the core, Meryl has always sailed through her life without ever looking back. From her struggles as a young actress, to making critics eat their words by delivering power-performance after power-performance, as well as, resurrecting her career from an almost decade-long career slump, Meryl seems to have navigated through her life. Perhaps this is attributed to her learning how to channel her emotions by detaching from the things that don’t matter, towards the things that truly do (her family and her love for the craft of acting). It’s obviously a hard lesson for Meryl, considering she is a Cancer, the sign of heightened emotions among other things, but she learned it delligently as she sailed through the tough times. Her brilliant mind and her love for learning and experimenting, and her penchant for pushing the envelope and expanding her horizons as an actress played an important role in her overall evolution as one of the greatest actresses of all time – Past, Present, and Future.

“It’s a lesson I learned in drama school: the teacher asks, how do you be the queen? And everybody says, ‘Oh it’s about posture and authority.’ And they said, no, it’s about how the air in the room shifts when you walk in. And that’s everyone else’s work.”

6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles:

This perhaps is one of the most vital blessings and lessons. Primarily because this card is Moon in Taurus, and Meryl’s Moon Sign is Taurus in her astrological birth chart. And her Taurus Moon can be found within her 10th House of Status, Achievement, and Glory. Called the card of ‘Success’ this has truly brought it’s share of blessings into Meryl’s life. However, this is also the card of ‘Charity’, and Meryl is one of the most philanthropic thespians in the world. Among the many causes Meryl actively supports are – Stand Up for Cancer; Healthy Child Healthy World; Elton John AIDS Foundation; AIDS Project Los Angeles; The Academy of American Poets; Americans for the Arts; Big Sisters LA; Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School; the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation; Equality Now; Mothers & Others; National Endowments for the Arts; The Pediatric AIDS Foundation; Stolen Childhoods. As we can see, her strong Lunar, and Cancer aspects of her chart in a way influence the nature of the charities. Nevertheless, her devotion to them is admirable and truly self-less.

“In 1938, an entertainer named Eddie Cantor got on the radio and asked every citizen to send 10 cents to a new charity devoted to curing Polio. So began the March of Dimes. Nobody knows whose dime put the effort over the top and made the vaccines that stopped Polio possible, but somebody did. We often tell ourselves that the problems we face with Cancer are too great, that one person alone can’t make a difference. But we can. We don’t know who will donate the crucial dollar that finally makes it possible to END CANCER. Maybe it’s you.”


Destiny Cards:

Based on the position of her Sun, Moon, and Rising signs within her astrological birth chart, we can discover her Destiny Cards, i.e. those cards which showcase three primary aspects of her destiny, as designed by the universe upon her birth.

Sun Sign: Cancer 0º43’: 2 of Cups

2 of Cups

With the Two of Cups as her destiny card based on her Sun Sign, Meryl was destined to meet her twin-soul in the form of Don Gummer within her current incarnation. This is also strengthened by the face that within her birth chart, her Venus sign is Cancer (2 of Cups is astrologically linked to Venus in Cancer). However, the journey towards finding her twin-soul was a difficult and heartbreaking one. Before she met Don, Meryl was in love with her co-star from The Deer Hunter – John Cazale. Meryl and John had a wild passionate romance, and they were even engaged to be married. Unfortunately before they could get married, John was diagnosed with bone cancer. Meryl spent many months in the hospital by John’s side, taking care of him, making sure she could do everything she possibly could to make his remaining days peaceful and beautiful.

You see, Meryl’s Venus though in Cancer, is also in the 12th astrological house of sorrows. And those with Venus in the 12th often have to learn painful lessons of sacrifice and selflessness in order to be blessed with happiness. Meryl’s selfless devotion to John Cazale during his final days, in a way earned her a karmic blessing, and thus within 6 months of John’s passing – 6 painful months where Meryl tried her best to heal – she met Don Grummer, and it was then they instantly recognized they were meant to be together.

Another aspect of Meryl’s 12th House Venus is that she would always insist her personal life be far from public scrutiny. And as discussed above, she has done a tremendous job of not only keeping the media out of her personal life, but she has also had one of the steadiest, stable, and loving marriages in Hollywood. Meryl and Don have been together for over thirty years, and they are more in love with each other than ever.

“I don’t know what I’d do without my husband. I’d be dead, emotionally at least, if I hadn’t met him. He’s the greatest.”

Beyond the romantic/spiritual love Meryl shares for her husband, Meryl has a deep love for her craft. Acting is something Meryl simply loves. Even though she effortlessly throws people off with her self depreciative sense of humor, her love and passion for her craft is legendary. In fact, it’s so powerful, that it exudes from her, and permeates throughout the entire cast and crew. After all, the 12th house is also the house of imagination, fantasy, and dreams – some of the key ingredients required from any good actor and artist.

“Directing Meryl Streep is much like falling in love; it has the characteristics of a time that you remember as magical and creative, but which is shrouded in mystery.” –Mike Nichols

Moon Sign: Taurus 14º24’: 6 of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles

As mentioned earlier, Meryl’s natal Moon sign is Taurus. So in a way, she embodies the destiny as depicted by the 6 of Pentacles. We have seen her charitable side above, but an important aspect of this card is the concept of ‘give-and-take’. And this aspect is clearly evident within her career – as her moon is found within her 10th House of Vocation. This placement indicates that Meryl’s feelings, instinctive nature will find expression through a strong emotional commitment to public and professional life. Thus, Meryl was born to act! Acting is what keeps her grounded and what enables her to channel her abilities and talents freely. And Meryl is a generous actress. One, who always relies on her co-stars and directors to bring out her performance, and through herself, inspires her co-stars and directors to bring out their best work.

“Weeks before we begin shooting, the company starts to get together. And whoever is playing her lover is in love with her. Whoever is playing the villain is a little scared of her. Whoever is playing her best friend is her best friend. She shifts her soul slightly and changes the chemistry of all the relationships”. -Mike Nichols

The Moon in Taurus in the Tenth also adds onto her ability to shape-shift and seamlessly embody every character she plays. As well as, allowing her to be stubborn about upholding her very high standards to the quality of her work.

“I really, really depend on the other actors for the confirmation of who I think I am. And so it’s important to me to work with good people that are not worried about how they look. You know. Real actors. They’re your blood.”

Rising Sign: Leo 2º44’: 5 of Wands

5 of Wands

One of the hardest and most prominent aspects of Meryl’s destiny is learning to deal with competition, as well as, dealing with the numerous injustices that are levied upon her throughout her career. Be it critics that have always done their best to bring her down ever since she began working in films, as they didn’t like the idea of a powerful, intense, actress that relied more on her talent than her physical appearance. Be it the difficulty she faces in finding roles that are challenging enough to inspire her to give her best (especially during her career slump during the nineties). Be it even the fact that despite being one of the most famous and talented actress of her generation (past and future as well), Meryl has never really been given her due credit, as she still charges one of the lowest salaries as compared to her peers. After all, in a world where Cameron Diaz earns $20 million per movie for being her usual perky blonde self, Meryl has to settle for just $5 million. Odd right? Well, that’s Hollywood for ya.

“It’s hard to negotiate the present landscape with a brain and a female body.”

And to add further, even though Meryl has won every major award in movie history, there have been numerous times she has been snubbed over and over, in favor of another actress. With over 15 Oscar nominations, she has only won two. Perhaps the academy deems it unfair to award her too many as they believe in giving other actresses a shot at winning, but in many cases, where Meryl deserved to win the Oscar, she lost it to someone else. Perhaps the constant losses, help keep Meryl grounded and focused to keep on ‘striving’ for excellence. After all, she did have a major career slump after 2 Oscars. But still, in my personal and most humble opinion – Meryl deserves every Oscar she has been nominated for!



To summarize, I would like to quote excerpt from the Telluride Film Festival’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Tribute to Meryl, at which she was awarded their prestigious Silver Medallion…

“Meryl has become known as a chameleon, a shape-shifter. . .
an appropriate icon for a postmodern, fractured, increasingly global age.
Her gift for characterization, perhaps unrivaled in the American cinema,
has been linked to her uncanny knack for accents,
but Streep’s talent for inhabiting characters resides in a more primal place.
Joseph Papp once called Streep one of the few true actors he had met;
her capacity to grasp and communicate complex psychological truths is remarkable.”

I hope you all have enjoyed my Celebrity Tarot Profile on Meryl Streep.

Love and Blessings


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~ “Toughness is in the spirit, not in muscles.” ~

— Alex Karras


The Suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire. Wands signify the desire for growth, the inspiration that fuels us, the desire that leads the way, and the future-oriented aspiration that initiates action. It reflects enterprise, energy, and the constant renewal of all things. Within a reading, an excess of Wands could represent things like burnout, megalomania, stress due to excessive work pressure, and issues related to anger and temper. A lack or absence of Wands could represent a lack of passion and will to ‘get up and go’, and perhaps even a feeling of staleness, and borderline melancholia.

The following are a list of keywords for the suit of Wands. These keywords are not to be relied on as crutches, but as creative springboards for us to develop our own interpretation and understanding of not just each card, but the suit of Wands on its whole.

  • WANDS:
    • Alternative Titles: Batons, Staffs, Clubs, Rods, Staves, Scepters.
    • Element: Fire
    • Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
    • Planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter.
    • Style: Exploding. Activating. Inspiring.
    • Jungian Function: Intuition (Mary K Greer); Feeling (Robert M Place & Dr.Art Rosengarten)
    • Colors: Red, Bright Yellow, Gold, Orange.
    • Season: Summer (some sources say spring as it represents the sign of Aries)
    • Direction: South
    • Time of Day: Noon
    • Feudal Class: Peasant or Servant Class.
    • Keywords: Career, Creativity, Faith, Growth, Ideas, Innovation, Projects, Innovation, Risk, Energy, Action, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Desire, Passion, Perception, Determination, Will, Defiant, Defensive, Daring, Ecstatic, Pride, Ego, Restlessness.



    Ace of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

The Root of the Powers of Fire

    • Astrology: The Cancer/Leo/Virgo Quadrant of the Zodiac
    • Chart Position: 0 Cancer to 30 Virgo
    • Dates: June 23rd to September 22nd (Summer)
    • Qabalah: Kether (Crown) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: New Beginnings. Inspiration. Innovation. Virility.
    • Negative Keywords: Selfishness. Poor Planning. Deflation. Anger.
    • Affirmation: My heart is strong. My will is strong. I am safe and secure to follow my dreams.


    2 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

    2 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Dominion

    • Astrology: Mars in Aries
    • Chart Position: 0 Aries to 10 Aries
    • Dates: March 21st to March 30th
    • Qabalah: Chokmah (Wisdom) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Development. Achievement. Pride. Collaboration.
    • Negative Keywords: Agoraphobia. Overwhelm. Disillusioned. Abuse of Power.
    • Affirmation: I now create a life I love to look at.



    3 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Established Strength

    • Astrology: Sun in Aries
    • Chart Position: 10 Aries to 20 Aries
    • Dates: March 31st to April 10th
    • Qabalah: Binah (Understanding) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Visionary. Creativity. Initial Success. Enterprising.
    • Negative Keywords: Overconfidence. Carelessness. Arrogance. Distrust.
    • Affirmation: Life supports all my dreams and ambitions with great love and abundance. I love life.



    4 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Perfected Work

    • Astrology: Venus in Aries
    • Chart Position: 20 Aries to 30 Aries
    • Dates: April 11th to April 20th
    • Qabalah: Chesed (Mercy) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Celebration. Blessings. Harmony. Bountiful Harvest.
    • Negative Keywords: Insecurity. Social Gaffs. Thankless. Incompatibility.
    • Affirmation: Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and indwell me. I am safe and secure.



    5 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Strife

    • Astrology: Saturn in Leo
    • Chart Position: 0 Leo to 10 Leo
    • Dates: July 22nd to August 1st
    • Qabalah: Geburah (Severity) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Competition. Brainstorming. Male Bonding. Sport.
    • Negative Keywords: Sabotage. Stunted Creativity. Conflicts. Ego Clashes.
    • Affirmation: I choose to live through the open space in my heart. I look for love and find it everywhere.



    6 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Victory

    • Astrology: Jupiter in Leo
    • Chart Position: 10 Leo to 20 Leo
    • Dates: August 2nd to August 11th
    • Qabalah: Tiphareth (Beauty) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Triumph. Acclaim. Appreciation. Good News.
    • Negative Keywords: Pomposity. Condescending. Pretense. Vanity.
    • Affirmation: I now choose to live in the ever-joyous NOW. My life is a joy.



    7 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Valour

    • Astrology: Mars in Leo
    • Chart Position: 20 Leo to 30 Leo
    • Dates: August 12th to August 22nd
    • Qabalah: Netzach (Victory) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Taking a Stand. Courage. Bravado. Self-Confidence
    • Negative Keywords: Retreat. Crudeness. Abrasive. Brashness.
    • Affirmation: I am united and balanced with all of life. I am safe.



    8 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Swiftness

    • Astrology: Mercury in Sagittarius
    • Chart Position: 0 Sagittarius to 10 Sagittarius
    • Dates: November 23rd to December 2nd
    • Qabalah: Hod (Splendor) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Excitement. Movement. Travel. Communication.
    • Negative Keywords: Impulsiveness. Hysteria. Discord. Thoughtlessness.
    • Affirmation: I move into my greater good. My good is everywhere, and I am secure and safe.



    9 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Great Strength

    • Astrology: Moon in Sagittarius
    • Chart Position: 10 Sagittarius to 20 Sagittarius
    • Dates: December 3rd to December 12th
    • Qabalah: Yesod (Foundation) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Fortification. Self-Protection. Discipline. Determined.
    • Negative Keywords: Wounded. Boredom. Adversity. Impracticality.
    • Affirmation: I am filled with joy. It flows through me with every beat of my heart.



    10 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Oppression

    • Astrology: Saturn in Sagittarius
    • Chart Position: 20 Sagittarius to 30 Sagittarius
    • Dates: December 13th to December 21st
    • Qabalah: Malkuth (Kingdom) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Perseverance. Patience. Home Stretch.
    • Negative Keywords: Overload. Pressure. Encumbered. Onerous Burdens.
    • Affirmation: I am safe and secure. I am at peace with myself and with others.


All card images are from the Robin Wood Tarot.

Click HERE to purchase this incredibly pretty and deeply powerful deck.


Love and Blessings


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