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~ “Toughness is in the spirit, not in muscles.” ~

— Alex Karras


The Suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire. Wands signify the desire for growth, the inspiration that fuels us, the desire that leads the way, and the future-oriented aspiration that initiates action. It reflects enterprise, energy, and the constant renewal of all things. Within a reading, an excess of Wands could represent things like burnout, megalomania, stress due to excessive work pressure, and issues related to anger and temper. A lack or absence of Wands could represent a lack of passion and will to ‘get up and go’, and perhaps even a feeling of staleness, and borderline melancholia.

The following are a list of keywords for the suit of Wands. These keywords are not to be relied on as crutches, but as creative springboards for us to develop our own interpretation and understanding of not just each card, but the suit of Wands on its whole.

  • WANDS:
    • Alternative Titles: Batons, Staffs, Clubs, Rods, Staves, Scepters.
    • Element: Fire
    • Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
    • Planets: Sun, Mars, Jupiter.
    • Style: Exploding. Activating. Inspiring.
    • Jungian Function: Intuition (Mary K Greer); Feeling (Robert M Place & Dr.Art Rosengarten)
    • Colors: Red, Bright Yellow, Gold, Orange.
    • Season: Summer (some sources say spring as it represents the sign of Aries)
    • Direction: South
    • Time of Day: Noon
    • Feudal Class: Peasant or Servant Class.
    • Keywords: Career, Creativity, Faith, Growth, Ideas, Innovation, Projects, Innovation, Risk, Energy, Action, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Desire, Passion, Perception, Determination, Will, Defiant, Defensive, Daring, Ecstatic, Pride, Ego, Restlessness.



    Ace of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

The Root of the Powers of Fire

    • Astrology: The Cancer/Leo/Virgo Quadrant of the Zodiac
    • Chart Position: 0 Cancer to 30 Virgo
    • Dates: June 23rd to September 22nd (Summer)
    • Qabalah: Kether (Crown) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: New Beginnings. Inspiration. Innovation. Virility.
    • Negative Keywords: Selfishness. Poor Planning. Deflation. Anger.
    • Affirmation: My heart is strong. My will is strong. I am safe and secure to follow my dreams.


    2 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

    2 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Dominion

    • Astrology: Mars in Aries
    • Chart Position: 0 Aries to 10 Aries
    • Dates: March 21st to March 30th
    • Qabalah: Chokmah (Wisdom) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Development. Achievement. Pride. Collaboration.
    • Negative Keywords: Agoraphobia. Overwhelm. Disillusioned. Abuse of Power.
    • Affirmation: I now create a life I love to look at.



    3 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Established Strength

    • Astrology: Sun in Aries
    • Chart Position: 10 Aries to 20 Aries
    • Dates: March 31st to April 10th
    • Qabalah: Binah (Understanding) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Visionary. Creativity. Initial Success. Enterprising.
    • Negative Keywords: Overconfidence. Carelessness. Arrogance. Distrust.
    • Affirmation: Life supports all my dreams and ambitions with great love and abundance. I love life.



    4 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Perfected Work

    • Astrology: Venus in Aries
    • Chart Position: 20 Aries to 30 Aries
    • Dates: April 11th to April 20th
    • Qabalah: Chesed (Mercy) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Celebration. Blessings. Harmony. Bountiful Harvest.
    • Negative Keywords: Insecurity. Social Gaffs. Thankless. Incompatibility.
    • Affirmation: Harmony and peace, love and joy surround me and indwell me. I am safe and secure.



    5 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Strife

    • Astrology: Saturn in Leo
    • Chart Position: 0 Leo to 10 Leo
    • Dates: July 22nd to August 1st
    • Qabalah: Geburah (Severity) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Competition. Brainstorming. Male Bonding. Sport.
    • Negative Keywords: Sabotage. Stunted Creativity. Conflicts. Ego Clashes.
    • Affirmation: I choose to live through the open space in my heart. I look for love and find it everywhere.



    6 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Victory

    • Astrology: Jupiter in Leo
    • Chart Position: 10 Leo to 20 Leo
    • Dates: August 2nd to August 11th
    • Qabalah: Tiphareth (Beauty) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Triumph. Acclaim. Appreciation. Good News.
    • Negative Keywords: Pomposity. Condescending. Pretense. Vanity.
    • Affirmation: I now choose to live in the ever-joyous NOW. My life is a joy.



    7 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Valour

    • Astrology: Mars in Leo
    • Chart Position: 20 Leo to 30 Leo
    • Dates: August 12th to August 22nd
    • Qabalah: Netzach (Victory) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Taking a Stand. Courage. Bravado. Self-Confidence
    • Negative Keywords: Retreat. Crudeness. Abrasive. Brashness.
    • Affirmation: I am united and balanced with all of life. I am safe.



    8 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Swiftness

    • Astrology: Mercury in Sagittarius
    • Chart Position: 0 Sagittarius to 10 Sagittarius
    • Dates: November 23rd to December 2nd
    • Qabalah: Hod (Splendor) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Excitement. Movement. Travel. Communication.
    • Negative Keywords: Impulsiveness. Hysteria. Discord. Thoughtlessness.
    • Affirmation: I move into my greater good. My good is everywhere, and I am secure and safe.



    9 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Great Strength

    • Astrology: Moon in Sagittarius
    • Chart Position: 10 Sagittarius to 20 Sagittarius
    • Dates: December 3rd to December 12th
    • Qabalah: Yesod (Foundation) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Fortification. Self-Protection. Discipline. Determined.
    • Negative Keywords: Wounded. Boredom. Adversity. Impracticality.
    • Affirmation: I am filled with joy. It flows through me with every beat of my heart.



    10 of Wands - Robin Wood Tarot

Lord of Oppression

    • Astrology: Saturn in Sagittarius
    • Chart Position: 20 Sagittarius to 30 Sagittarius
    • Dates: December 13th to December 21st
    • Qabalah: Malkuth (Kingdom) in Atziluth (Spirit)
    • Positive Keywords: Perseverance. Patience. Home Stretch.
    • Negative Keywords: Overload. Pressure. Encumbered. Onerous Burdens.
    • Affirmation: I am safe and secure. I am at peace with myself and with others.


All card images are from the Robin Wood Tarot.

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Love and Blessings


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