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~ “Only do what your heart tells you.” ~

— Princess Diana

As mentioned in the post, Fucking Courts, court cards are one of the most controversial, as well as, confusing, overwhelming, and overall-stress-inducing modes of a Tarot Deck. Primarily, Court Cards either represent an aspect of us (the seeker) or someone within our lives, particularly someone upon whom we’ve ‘projected’ that part of our personality. However, they can also symbolize timing, qualities to embody, spiritual guides, and even events and situations coming into existence; thus making them all the more complicated to interpret.

The Court of Cups tend to be in touch with subtle emotions, deep feelings, and the nuances of life that others may not catch onto. They ‘feel’ their environment so powerfully that they can pick up on a lot of what’s going on underneath people’s interactions. Often they are more in touch with fear, sadness, and the deepest sensations of love, passion, and desire. Due to their incredible intuitive and psychic abilities, they get overloaded by the intensity of life and hence need a lot of quiet time to themselves to find peace. They need help defining themselves and their boundaries so that they don’t lose themselves to other’s needs.

The following are a list of keywords for the Court of Cups. These keywords are not to be relied on as crutches, but as creative springboards for us to develop our own interpretation and understanding of not just each card, but the Court of Cups on its whole. And let’s face it, sometimes relating court cards with Celebrities does help.

  • King of Cups

Ryan Gosling - King of Cups

    • Element: Air of Water
    • Astrology: Fixed Water – Scorpio
    • Chart Position: 20 Libra to 20 Scorpio
    • Dates: October 13th to November 12th
    • Qabalah: Tiphareth (Beauty) in Briah (Soul)
    • Decans:
      • First Decan: Jupiter in Libra – 4 of Swords – 20 Libra to 30 Libra
      • Second Decan: Mars in Scorpio – 5 of Cups – 0 Scorpio to 10 Scorpio
      • Third Decan: Sun in Scorpio – 6 of Cups – 10 Scorpio to 20 Scorpio
    • MBTI: ENFJ (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging)
    • KTS: The Teacher
    • Celebrity Examples: Calvin Klein. Dylan McDermott. Pablo Picasso. Leonardo DiCaprio. Joaquin Phoenix. Ryan Gosling. Gavin Rossdale.
    • Positive Keywords: Consideration. Understanding. Dignity. Protectiveness. Passion.
    • Negative Keywords: Obsession. Paranoia. Nihilism. Duplicitous. Sleaziness.
    • Career Choices: Health Care/Medicine. Ministry. Therapist/Counselor. Education. Fine Arts. Scientists. Research and Development. Customer Service. The Navy. Private Investigation.
    • Sport and Recreation: Weights. Iyengar Yoga. Kick-Boxing. Pilates. Swimming. All things where one can channel their intensity and devotion.
    • Affirmation: I am safe. It is safe to feel. My feelings are normal and acceptable. I honor and value my feelings and express them freely.



  • Queen of Cups

Liv Tyler - Queen of Cups

    • Element: Water of Water
    • Astrology: Cardinal Water – Cancer
    • Chart Position: 20 Gemini to 20 Cancer
    • Dates: June 11th to July11th
    • Qabalah: Binah (Understanding) in Briah (Soul)
    • Decans:
      • First Decan: Sun in Gemini – 10 of Swords – 20 Gemini to 30 Gemini
      • Second Decan: Venus in Cancer – 2 of Cups – 0 Cancer to 10 Cancer
      • Third Decan: Mercury in Cancer – 3 of Cups – 10 Cancer to 20 Cancer
    • MBTI: INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging)
    • KTS: The Counselor
    • Celebrity Examples: Princess Diana. Meryl Streep. Angelica Houston. Cyndi Lauper. Helen Keller. Liv Tyler. Debbie Harry.
    • Positive Keywords: Receptiveness. Caring. Nurturing. Empathy. Musing.
    • Negative Keywords: Hypersensitivity. Fluctuating Moods. Irrational. Manipulation. Self-Pity.
    • Career Choices: Psychic. Healer. Nurse/Medical Assistance. Arts and Crafts. Interior Decorator. Designer. Social Worker. Counselor/Therapist. Chef. Acting.
    • Sport & Recreation: Swimming. Tantra Yoga. Pilates. Running. Rowing. All things that help one to flow with life.
    • Affirmation: I nourish and nurture the world around me with an open heart and an open soul.



  • Knight of Cups

Jensen Ackles - Knight of Cups

    • Element: Fire of Water
    • Astrology: Mutable Water – Pisces
    • Chart Position: 20 Aquarius to 20 Pisces
    • Dates: February 9th to March 10th
    • Qabalah: Chokmah (Wisdom) in Briah (Soul)
    • Decans:
      • First Decan: Moon in Aquarius – 7 of Swords – 20 Aquarius to 30 Aquarius
      • Second Decan: Saturn in Pisces  – 8 of Cups – 0 Pisces to 10 Pisces
      • Third Decan: Jupiter in Pisces – 9 of Cups – 10 Pisces to 20 Pisces
    • MBTI: ENFP (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving)
    • KTS: The Champion
    • Celebrity Examples: Alexander Graham Bell. Daniel Craig. Jensen Ackles. Sidney Poitier. Jon Bon Jovi. Freddie Prinze Jr. Josh Groban.
    • Positive Keywords: Creative. Chivalrous. Romantic. Gallant. Charming.
    • Negative Keywords: Flighty. Impractical. Escapism. Illusionary. Addictions.
    • Career Choices: The Arts. Higher Education. Organizational and Personal Development. Public Relations. Catering. Film & Television. Bartender. Hospitality (Food & Drink Department). Musician. Song-Writer/Poet.
    • Sport and Recreation: Dancing. Gymnastics. Surfing. Ananda Yoga. Tai Chi. Anything that’s playful and fun and nurtures and nourishes the body.
    • Affirmation: I move forward with joy for I experience love wherever I go.



  • Page of Cups

Dakota Fanning - Page of Cups

    • Element: Earth of Water
    • Astrology: The Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius Quadrant of the Zodiac
    • Chart Position: 0 Libra to 30 Sagittarius
    • Dates: September 23rd to November 22nd
    • Qabalah: Malkuth (Kingdom) in Briah (Soul)
    • MBTI: INFP (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving)
    • KTS: The Healer
    • Celebrity Examples: Dakota Fanning. Jaden Smith. Freddie Highmore. Emily Osment. Kevin Jonas. Lindsay Lohan. Kristen Bell.
    • Positive Keywords: Sympathetic. Tender. Intuitive. Aesthetic. Affectionate.
    • Negative Keywords: Naïve. Indolent. Promiscuous. Fluffy-Bunny. Daydreaming.
    • Career Choices: Student of the Arts and Humanities. Social Work. Healer. Psychic. Puppetry. Writing and Poetry. Acting. Non-Profit Organizations. Volunteer services. Design Student.
    • Sport & Recreation: Surfing. Scuba-Diving. Swimming. Yoga. Gymnastics. Anything that’s fun, and enables them to find emotional release.
    • Affirmation: I am not afraid of dreaming big, for my dreams have the power to shape my reality.

Hope you enjoyed the Keywords for the Court of Cups.

Love and Blessings


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